The Latest in the Life of Rochford

This Week I’m actually going to talk about myself, giving you all entry into my head.

I find my mind drifting back to a conversation I had with my father,  an exchange of vocabulary where he left me with this words: “Go back to England? Why would you want to do that? You’re a Writer, you should do what most writers do, go off to some island somewhere. Soak in the sun, have adventures, enjoy the local drink and women and then in the between moments do some writing.”

Well I followed some of it.

Instead of an Island, I live in mainland Spain, a village close enough to no where. Used to stay in a villa all by myself, overlooking the sea of Playa de los Muertos (Beach of the Dead), but am in an apartment that suits my needs better.

Instead of adventures I have misadventures, which are just as fun, one of which was taking the pets up for a long walk to the point of Cerro Gordo to take in the view (photos to come soon)

Women and drink, well women not so much, hardly any in fact. Sadly the better sex are a matter I have no time for, but drink slips in, after all in Spain, if you are doing business, forget the office, the bar is where the work gets organized and agreed upon.

As for the Writing, well that always comes first and I make plenty of time for that, after all why have 8 hours of sleep when 3 can be more than enough and spend the other 5 working on my novels, novellas and video game story-lines I’ve been asked to do.

Still this week has been good. A pure Writer’s week.

The mornings spent either at my day job, or day off and doing writing instead. The afternoons spent at one of my favourite bars, playing cards, necking beer and making friends who seem all to happy to keep buying me drinks. Whilst doing that I will add, my left hand is hard at work sending emails and tweets promoting my released works and updating both my facebook and sending off review requests for my released and releasing works.

Then the nights are filled with tea, black coffee and a whole lot more writing, but I’m still young, and never went to University, so it’s like I’m living the student life just in a different way.

Speaking of releasing Titles, both Don’t Turn Around:

I am Death.

And I am hungry.

And there you are,

Unaware of my arrival.

Don’t turn around.

and Hour of Darkness:

Release next week and are available on Amazon from the 30th of October, so do not miss your chance to purchase this two very short works to just give you a taste of my bigger projects.

Other than that, I hope you all have a great weekend and feel free to comment about your weeks, I love a good pissing contest.


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