Generation Me

Well I fancied whacking out a new post, so I fancied sharing an extract from something I’ve just done and I hope you guys like it.

Some days I just really don’t get my generation. Between 5 years older and 5 years younger, I am seriously like what the f##k are we thinking?

We have really became so stupid and so out of control, we can’t even control our baser desires and quit screwing around like rabbits. Yes just because us guys have something between our legs, that’s no excuse to go round filling every single hole that is willing to spread legs for us.

Why is it my generation is so obsessed with being nothings and nobodies as they drink and screw themselves mad. We’re constantly cheating and coming out with the excuses: “I didn’t mean too” – “I was drinking” – “I was smoking and you know what I get like when I do” – “I can’t help it if you weren’t there” – “Well we were fighting and…” – “You cheated on me.”

The fact of the matter is people cheat because they cheat. If they know they are most likely to sleep around after a fight or if they’ve had a couple of drinks, or because the are as high as kite, and yet do so anyone, essentially it’s planned. They aim to cheat, it really is as simple as that, hell people have been charged for conspiracy to commit murder for less. Consider this the conspiracy to cheat.

To know what you get like, yet do it anyway and sleep around, yeah you intended it. You desired it and that’s all that there is to it. We are a generation who just go round destroying each other with cruel words, unquenchable desires and a total disregard. We are the future of the human race and yet, the majority of us are booze heads who throw bottles of booze down our throats and do whatever we want, without an actual care to another person.

Sure drinking is fun, I’ve thrown 3 bottles of spirit down my throat on occasion, just for the sake of it. I’ve downed more shots of tequila than I can remember, some days I can just touch a shot glass and have the taste already on my tongue, but I was never always about the drink, or how it made me feel, I have always been about the moment, being in it, feeling it, and not just bedding whoever, when in a relationship.

It is important to live your life, satisfy your desires, but never at the expense of destroying and forsaking those around you and the fact of the matter is, anyone can make a drunken fool of themselves. A pisshead who does nothing but drink, dance, do drugs, and screw around, but not everyone can make a name for them self. Make something of their life.

Because you young nobodies, not all of you grow up and most of you never learn. You will live what is left of your life, die and leave only a select few who would hold you in their memories. 50-70 years it will be like you never existed. A name long gone, a live never to have been known.

Days of old, a man was branded and remembered as to how they acted, the fool, the drunk, the saviour, the forsaken, the village bike and the legend. I learned a long time ago who I was, what I wanted to become and how I wanted to be remembered. A name long lost, a face obscured, a soul untouched, but a lasting legend. A roaming story teller with tales to tell and a role to play. Nothing more nothing less.

But wake the f##k up generation me, because you are making the rest of us look bad.

This weekend I will be having another author Join me on my website and it is non-other than S.C. Alban, you don’t want to miss that.


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