Free Ebook Giveaway Competition

That’s right folks, from now until the 1st of February I am hosting a Free ebook competition and for your chance to win one of my works, read below:

Rocky Rochford Ebook Giveaway Competition:

With Christmas and the New Year Just around the Corner, Rocky Rochford, Solstice Publishing Author, is Giving away an ebook version of his debut Illustrated Novel The Spirit of Iris, (Fantasy Adventure – Legend of Zelda meets Lord of the Rings – Novel for ages 12 and up) to three Lucky Winners.

To be in with the chance of winning your copy, all you have to do is Purchase off Amazon, or (Search Rocky Rochford) is one of these 3 short story works: (All works available on every Amazon website)

Dead on the Floor – Part of the Entwined Saga (Supernatural YA Thriller)

Don’t Turn Around (Fast paced Psychological Thriller for adults)

Hour Of Darkness — The Rise of the Elohim Chronicles (Fantasy Adventure Meets Dark Fairy Tale-like stories)

And answer 3 Questions pertaining to the book you purchase:

Quiz 1: Dead on Floor: (Get all 3 right for the chance to win 1 copy of Dead on the Floor Cover Artthe Spirit of Iris)

1. What is Matthew’s surname?

2. What is the Name of the Girl Matthew Loves?

3. What accent does Matthew have?

Don't Turn AroundQuiz 2: Don’t Turn Around: (Get all 3 right for the chance to win 1 copy of the Spirit of Iris)

1. What Kind of Cake is in the fridge in Chapter 1 surname?

2. What is the Killer’s profession?

3. How many Chapters in the entire short story?

Hour of Darkness Cover ArtQuiz 3: Hour of Darkness: (Get all 3 right for the chance to win 1 copy of the Spirit of Iris)

1. Name the Illustrator who Illustrated the Hour of Darkness?

2. What wrist does Cooper get bitten on? 

3. What is the name of the Prince of Marisia?

The Competition runs till the 1st of February, at which Point one Winner will be chosen for each Quiz.

You can send your answers via Twitter to @RockyRochford

or Post them as a comment or send via message to the Facebook page:

When submitting your answer, make sure to include your name, your email address, which Quiz you did and your answers to the three questions in the correct order.

Best of Luck


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