A Life Without Living by S.C. Alban – My review

A Couple of weeks ago I posted that I was reading ‘A Life Without Living’ by S.C. Alban and now that I’ve finished the story, it’s time to share what I made of it:

When it comes to giving reviews on a book, I try to be a man of few words, as sometimes I feel a very long drawn out review can be a bit of overkill, but as far as “A Life Without Living” goes, this review will be as long as I can make it without giving anything away.

This is a story of love, one through the ages of time, lasting love, a concept lost on the latest generation living in the world today. Gio and Kate, our two protagonists have quite the past, but sadly for Gio, Kate can’t remember him, or any of it, save for a few reoccurring nightmares, which makes getting Kate onside a difficulty.

More than that, this is a story that will have you worried for the safety of the protagonists, it will have you asking questions all the way through it, as you read it’s pages day and night, because to be honest, this is a thrilling romance that will be very hard to put down, at least it was for me and the best part of it all, is there will be a second novel, which means that when the end does come, rather sudden I’ll add, but it will be continued, so at least the end is justified, especially since it leaves you wanting for me.

In short, I really did like this book, but that’s just my opinion, to find out what you’ll think of it, well I guess you’re just going to have to bite the bullet and give it a read for yourself.


Oh and Spoiler Alert, Dead on the Floor continues.


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