One Lovely Blog Hop with Rocky Rochford

This blog hop is designed to show our readers a more personal side to ourselves. We’ve been challenged by another author/ blogger (somewhat like the ‘ice bucket’ challenge) to list seven interesting facts to help cast light onto that tough writer’s/ blogger’s persona we all like to project. But we want to show that behind every story is a story, our story, my story, and like everyone else I have dreams, hobbies, problems and goals. This blog hop is a way to share some of them with you, my readers.

The rules are that I share 7 Lovely Facts about myself, and links to at least 10-15 blogs that I enjoy reading. If I’ve nominated your blog, please don’t feel any obligation to join in but, if you do, please link back to the blog of the person who nominated you (that would be me, share facts about yourself and nominate 10-15 blogs (or as many as you can).

I was reading some of the other blogs on this tour. There are some remarkable and gifted writers here and I’m happy to be in their company. Many thanks to C.L. Schneider, author of The Crown of Stones: Magic-Scars, (the Second Book in the Crown of Stones Riveting Epic Fantasy Trilogy) for adding me to the blog hop!

So, here are 7 fun facts about me.

1. Not only do I talk to myself on occasion, but I actually like to do it out loud for no reason at all, and other times, because I actually want to hear how crazy I sound and to hear my own ideas in moment so I can weigh their worth.

2. After nearly losing my life in a drowning incident, I actually learned to scuba dive and have been diving the waters of Spain ever since. I even on occasion help out at Dive Centers and assist on courses, teaching others how to scuba dive. I also used to run my own small time dive business.

3. I’m always up for a bit of philanthropy work or supporting a good cause. In 2013 & 2014, I was apart of a small team who organized the first two ever Sea Festivals to take place in La Herradura, Spain. I also helped with the publicity by using my previous years experience as a freelance journo and my many contacts, to make sure we were well promoted and had as large a reach as possible.

4. I was one of the few lucky people who got to re-release two Loggerhead Turtles back in the Wild. I had the privilege of personally watching them re-learn how to swim in the sea before the time came for them to go there own way and undertake their first steps in a new journey of their live. The video footage and photos I took, will forever keep a fond place in my heart.

5. In one school I was awarded twice for outstanding behavior and good grades, at another I landed 100 detentions in a single year and only had a full attendance of 100 days, as I was too busy ditching or faking being sick. When you move around as much as I did, sometimes you just have to shake things up.

6. Although I write and write a lot, my oldest and long-lived ambition was to actually serve my country and try and land in the intelligence game. Writing is my way of clinging to that type of life, among many other lives.

7. I really want the Grim Reaper to be real, so on the day I die and I finally get to meet him, that fantastic geezer he is, I want to shake his hand, give him a hug and tell him he’s doing a fantastic job.

And to toss in a freebie:

8. I’m the first to admit that I’m on of the craziest person you could probably meet, who’s still sane.

I won’t go into any extreme detail here. All I have to say is that those nominated below are simply great people who love to read and/or create worlds for us to enjoy! Don’t believe me? Follow the links to find out more about them.

C. L. Schneider (already done it, but I love her blog)

Cynthia Ley

K. C. Sprayberry

Francene Staneley

Bernard Foong

David K. Byrant

S. C. Alban in case the Hyperlink doesn’t work:

D. M. Cain

Mel Massey

Serena Zane

Let the fun begin


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