The Ghost Protocol

With the recent occurrences as to what happened in France and the previous acts in Canada and many others in the previous year, I can’t help but start thinking about the Ghost Protocol.

Quick lesson on how Intelligence Agencies work with regards to Terrorism, most of which is common knowledge, but there is still plenty that might just surprise you,

First and foremost, they hate playing with all the other intelligence agencies in the schoolyard. They don’t like playing with those who serve the same country as them, so they are sure as hell not going to get on with those who’s loyalty is other countries.

Now each of these Intelligence agencies have these watch lists, lists of thousands of names of people they suspect are supporters of Terrorism and Terrorists. Then there’s their lists of those they believe to be committing said acts or are involved with cells, but they lack the required evidence to take further action than just surveillance. Lastly there’s the other list, a list full of know Terrorists and those Intelligence know to be committing crimes, but again they lack the evidence or authority to act. Reason why I say authority is because they get told by other agencies, not to touch, not to get involved.

You see every agency have these lists, but most often they don’t like sharing, after all, how can you stay ahead of the game if all the players know what you know. They won’t gladly share this information, unless they get something in return. They are all so obsessed with the secrecy and lies that they can no longer trust themselves, let alone anybody else.

Now because of the existence of these lists and how far back they date, a Ghost Protocol found itself being enforced and for those who don’t know what it is, I’ll explain.

The Ghost Protocol was the Agencies way of getting rid of a few of the names on the list, a contracted killer to go in and eliminate the target as cleanly as possible, with no trace of the ghost ever being in the victims house. The problem is, if the target was home with their family when the ghost visited, the ghost would have to kill everyone who laid eyes on him and heard them speak, if they spoke at all. A ghost was not a ghost if there was someone to talk about it.

Typically it wasn’t actually former agents who became ghosts, as if discovered, they would lead back to their superiors and that wouldn’t do. So instead they were assigned roles of being handlers to the ghosts, an easy link to sever if things went south quick. As for the actual ghosts, they were people who had screwed up their life, the ones without a future. Actual agents who completely lost it, soldiers kicked out of the forces due to being unstable or for disorderly conduct. Along with Sociopaths, Psychopaths, and convicted felons who were either awaiting death or serving life imprisonment. People who no one would miss and were ghosts already. This people would be recruited, honed and have their lives erased as they become the very thing they are referred to, ghosts.

Apparently some reports said the Ghost Protocol was disbanded because it was too inhuman, and yet other reports would say it never existed, either way, real or not, I think it would make a great book don’t you?


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