This Just in, New Book Out & Free Book Giveaway

ATTENTION ALL – Today on the 30th of January and tomorrow on the 31st, my Short Story “Dead on the Floor” of the Entwined Saga will be available to all for free Download on Kindle devices, as part of Amazon’s KDP program. It will be Available to Amazon website no matter where you are in the world, so make sure you pick up your free copy and if you like what you read, Dead on the Floor has Continuing tales in the form of:

*Salt in the Wound (Direct Continuation that contains a number of answers to the questions that get left unanswered in Dead on the Floor // Releases 13th of February of 2015)
*The First Glance
*I Watched Her Die
*Burning For You
*Save Her

(all of which are available on or

Now as for the Book itself, how about I let it’s reviews speak for it: (1 good and 1 bad)

Yuck, in more ways than one!   (1/5)
Terrible, pointless, gory, and overwritten. An annoying guy gets dumped by his girl and commits suicide by slitting his wrist. We get to see his life passing before his eyes, which I guess is supposed to make us like him, but fails. Then we get a complete description of every drop and gush of blood, which is completely gratuitous anf adds zero to the story. Then he dies. (Not a spoiler; it’s in the title and description!)

Apparently this is part of a larger work. That book/series might be great, but I certainly won’t be reading it. If this short represents the whole, the book isn’t my cup of tea; if it doesn’t, it’s badly chosen and the blurb doesn’t fit.

Mr. Radley, you have my attention   (5/5)
In Dead on the Floor, Rocky Rochford gives the reader an explicit snapshot into the very brief life of Matthew Radley. In the first installment of the Entwined Saga, Matthew hints at the reason as to why he would possibly want to die (we know that there are paranormal circumstances involved), but does not go into the details. Rochford’s ability to connect the reader to a likable character (though intensely damaged) is solid. After all, who can’t relate to a rough start to their early twenties? But, it is how Rochford crafts his character’s internal monologue that leads the reader asking “Matthew, what the hell happened to you?” and keeps the story moving.

I particularly enjoyed the form of the story. Of course, Mr. Rochford, what better way to begin a story than by starting at the end. By giving the reader a glimpse at his macabre end, we are instantly hooked and wanting to know how it all came to be.

If you are a sucker for the inevitable, in its most gore-laden form, you will enjoy Dead on the Floor.

GET YOUR OWN COPY and see WHAT YOU make of it:






Also joining it today, is  “The Devil You Know,” an 8 Chapter long ebook to introduce you to a conman who gets an offer he can’t refuse, one that would see him return in the full length novel “The Devil You Don’t.”

The Blurb reads a little like this:
Meet a conman who always carefully chooses his marks. Then one day he discovers that he’s been someone else’s mark, and not just for a little while, but his whole life. Think you know the Devil? You don’t know Jack.

And if that’s got your taste-buds waging, allow me to hit you with an excerpt:
I’ll never forget the day my life changed, never to be the same again, the day I met him. I knew it was him the second he walked into the bar. I didn’t need to see those yellow eyes of his, or to notice the curve of his mouth as he smiled gladly upon the mere sight of me. Out of all the bars in the world and the Devil walked into mine.
“Shit” was the word that came to mind.







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