My Introduction

It’s Dawned on me that I never really bothered with introducing myself, so here it is, the full version:

            My name is Rocky Rochford, author, scuba diver, and conservationist. Now although I do sound like a London Lad, and the cockiness of a cockney chappie, I am a Essex  boy. So one, don’t hold that against me and two, don’t even trying comparing me to one of that lot from Towie, we’re completely different breeds.

            Part way into my twenties and already I have a couple of accomplishments under my belt, accomplishments such as being part of a small team that helped re-release two young Loggerhead turtles back into the sea, landing a 4 page spread in an international magazine, in which coverage of the latest Havasu competition featured. Then of course there was the release of my 646 page long novel Phoenix Rises, a work I originally penned & finished as thirteen year old student, who’s teachers at that time, proclaimed me to be heading nowhere fast. Oh and there’s also the fact that I’ve been run down twice by cars and although arguably that may not come across as being an accomplishment, but the fact that I didn’t break a single bone either time, definitely does.

            There’s no doubt about it, as far as authors go, especially the ones you love, hate and know about, I’m certain you’ve never heard of an author who’s personal experiences mirror my own and match my natural energetic, zany and workaholic personality, but there’s a first time for everything. Now this is the part where most authors would go on to compare themselves with an already established and noteworthy author such as James Patterson, Lee Child or Stephen King and well, I could do that, but I won’t. I’m never going to compare my works to another because I have no desire to ever be anything or anyone that I’m not. I have no ambition to have the same style of writing as one of my fellow authors, why do the same thing as everyone else, when you can be the one who does it differently in the attempt at trying to find some original creativity when we live in a world where originality is quickly disappeared and the current limits of the written world are set in stone?

            As a writer and not just of one format and genre, but all styles and all formats, such as poetry screenplays, novels, supernatural, fantasy and psychological thrillers, I only have one ambition, to try and write the works that have not yet been created. To push the envelope and see if just how well set those current limitations are set. Why chase after fame and cold hard cash, then the pursuit of trying to bring about the new era of writing? And chasing is exactly what I’m going to do, chasing as I bring my own style of writing to the playground and continuously seek to forever improve. After all the problem with perfection means there is no more room for improvement and it is human nature to strive in bettering our craft and ourselves. You don’t have to be the best when you can happily be the best version of yourself.

            There is no disputing it, I am a marmite writer and whether or not you do love me or hate me, you may as well get used to hearing my name because I’m not going away, I’ve spent long enough hiding in the shadows and I’m not hiding anymore and I am not one to give up easily. Given a choice between doing things the easy way or the hard way, the masochist in me will always pick the hard way. Why? Why not? The hard way is the only way to ever learn and the only way to truly discover just what we are capable of. You will never reach your full potential if you never try to surpass your own limits.

            So you may as well strap yourself in and tag along for the ride, because fall or fly, this crazed mind of mine is ready to play and and attempt to break down all the established walls of writing currently in place. Let’s not just have it, LET’S ‘AVE IT!!!

            And if you liked all that, why not whack on a twitter follow, a facebook page like, a goodreads follow, check out the blog or check out the works, courtesy of amazon. Links can be found below:

Facebook: Twitter: @RockyRochford

Wattpad: Goodreads: Personal Website: Amazon Location: Any and all Amazon websites, just type in Rocky Rochford, why link to one work when you can just see them all instead?

Till next time Folks


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