The Life of Rochford Continues

It never ceases to amaze me just how quickly time passes, I thought it was only the other week when I last did a post and yet, turns out it was over a month, shame on me, still it has been a busy old month.

In April I was busy with the international social media event, Get Down with the #Awethors, which went fantastically well, thanks to all of those who got involved, which since the end of the event, the #Awethors are all busy working on a massive #anthology, which is looking to be around two books and available for free download, why? Why not? That and merely for the love of free writing, available for all to read and fall in love with.

As for things this month, well I had to hope on a plan to attend the funeral of my uncle who met an unfortunate end, I’ve spent my entire life doing my best to avoid funerals, knowing full well how I would react to the whole emotional aspect of them all, but at the very least, my trip back to the UK wasn’t all sadness and depression, I found it especially pleasing to be back in the town that gave me my name, the town I spent my first few years and where I first started writing.

My short time in Rochford, Billericay, Basildon & Southend have inspired me to write an all new work, named after Southend itself and as for the genre, well there’s no mistaking it, it’s a nitty gritty Brit thriller, a novella for the books, which the first chapter can be found in this very post:

Chapter 1:

Saturday – 15:31pm

What is it everyone says, nothing good can ever come from living in the past? Well why the hell was I running towards it? I’ve spent my entire life running and yet there I was, running directly towards the very place I’ve been running away from.

Life really is a funny bitch.

            My real name is Zachary Briggs, a name I hadn’t used in over fifteen years, but now my past and I stood face to face and I could no longer hide.

Hello past.

            Out of all the millions of possibilities I envisioned, I never pictured this one. I, the boy who never stopped, was sat thirty-eight thousand feet above the earth, on a direct flight to the one place I swore never to go back to, home.

God Dad, why did you have to be so inconsiderate and die?

I realise that sounded insensitive, because it was, but maybe you’ll forgive me for it, but I hadn’t seen the man since the day he threw two packed bags at my mother, handed her a gun and told her to run.

Wait, that’s a lie, he told us to fuck off and never stop running, and we didn’t.

            I would like to say it was my mother sat in the seat beside me, but she’s not. Instead I have Bryan, an acquaintance I made during my travels. I suppose you could say he was a limpet, once he clung on to me, he never let go.

            Mind you, the adventures have been fun.

Up until now, I’ve covered my name and lightly mentioned my life story, so now allow me to paint you a full picture. I want you to picture a man, a man with a friendly smile, quick with a joke and always smartly dressed.

You picturing that man?

            Good. Now picture that man with ten thugs ready and willing to do his bidding, be it selling drugs, or carrying out hits on men, women and children. Now let’s give that man a name, this one in particular is Nathaniel Briggs, of the Southend and Basildon Briggs’s. Oh and if you haven’t made the connection just yet, he also happened to be my biological grandfather, but believe me when I say, he’s no family of mine.

Nathaniel had three sons and two daughters, my father being one of them. From the day they were born, his sons were raised to do one thing, proving themselves worthy of taking over the Briggs family crime syndicate.

Before you even start thinking it, I am nothing like any of them. The only thing we have in common, was being branded with the family name.

            My father was the first born and favourite son, which made him the prime candidate for becoming the CEO of the family firm, but as much as he loved the life, everything changed after he met my mother. A couple of months into their relationship, he proposed and marriage swiftly followed.

Married life was the making of him, it changed him, he ceased the violence and drug related material and got himself a normal job, and then I was born.

His family very nearly disowned him, but he stuck to the new life as best as he could and for the first ten years of my life, he was a normal dad, but then the trouble started. Nathaniel wanted to retire and pass on the business and yet his two crime loving sons were not fit to inherit the keys to the kingdom. He set out to recruit my father.

            He knew if he were to approach my father and flat out ask him that dad would refuse, so he did the next best thing, he sent a couple of his heavies to do my dad over. They came in the dark of night and beat him to a pulp, but not once did he hit back.

Angered the first wave proved futile, he sent his boys again and again. He kept on sending them but dad never fought back, instead he sent his boys after my mother, when she was picking me up from school.

I was restrained and forced to watch my mum receive the most savage beating of her life, a beating that saw her hospitalised for a month. My father could no longer sit back and do nothing, the animal he locked away deep inside him, was released.

I’m not going to come right out and say my father killed them, but after the night he did go after them, no one ever saw either of them ever again. A couple of days later, mum still in hospital, Nathaniel waltzed right into the room, smiling smugly, bold as brass.

The sheer nerve of the man

I have no way of knowing exactly what was said after Nathaniel led my father out of the room for a chat, but I could only presume it had something to do with the disappearance of the thugs and my grandfather knowing the reason why.

When father returned back into the room, he had the air of defeat about him and was under the employ of the family business once more. Nathaniel wasn’t quite ready to give my father complete control yet, so instead he had him on a trial run, but father being the smart man he was, he knew things wouldn’t end there.  

            Neither of his brothers had children and I was an only child, which made me, the future King of the Briggs empire, my father never wanted that life for me. As soon as my mother was released from hospital and well enough to travel, he broke our family up.

The Life on the run had begun.

Other projects I am currently working on are my Dark Romance Dead Memories, a tale about a girl coma-stricken as she confesses the story of her life, before her plug is pulled, but then I’m also writing Sick Like Me, my disgusting psycho thriller that will shock and disgust all those who read it, one that will stick in your heads for ever.

And as well as all of that, I’ve also been reading and reviewing some great books such as:

Heuer Lost & Found by A.B. Funkhauser:

Having received my copy of the work personally from the author, the first thing I have to mention, is that although not my usual cup of tea, but Heuer Lost and Found, is without a doubt a great story to get into and stay captivated by.

The setting may seem a little unorthodox and considered slightly macabre, but that is what made this work. This is a story that to me, felt like it abides by its own set rules and the pace is brilliantly maintained by the ever wordy A.B. Funkhauser. Even with an extensive vocabulary, the variety of words used were more of a pleasure than a pain and reminded me of the works by Bram Stoker, a personal favourite author of mine.

The story is lovingly crafted and is full of noteworthy lines that just stick in the memory, such as the phrase: Was sein wird, wird sein und was hineinschaut, schaut auch wieder raus—What will be, will be, and what looks in, looks out.

And if that’s not enough to entice, maybe the ensemble cast of Enid, Charlie, Clara is. A trio who although feel like a mix-matched bunch that shouldn’t be in each others lives, author Funkhauser bound them together just so.

For a story centered around death, it is full of Life.

Beyond the Skyline by Brody Griggs:

From Brody to You, Alex to Life

If you’re looking for a good read that both you and your adolescent children can read and enjoy than this is a book for you. It’s got plot, it’s got characters with characters and its got faith, which for me personally was a little over done. There is nothing wrong with having faith in God, believing in the almighty father, but I’m a fan of personal faith. Unwavering faith in who we are and the true capabilities we actually possess. It would have been nice to have seen Alex believe in himself a little more. We are created in God’s image, the strength he possesses lies within all of us, and it would have been the icing on the cake to have seen a little more of that.

All that aside, it is a great retelling of a tale already told, after all when there’s only seven true storylines, every work after is a retelling, but Brody Lane Gregg did a great job of breathing new life into this. From the beginning, to the end, it is brilliantly written and paced just so.

But you haven’t got to take my word for it, buy the book and cast your own opinion.

And also, let’s not forget Mr Westacotts Christmas by Michael J. Elliott and my review of that:

An excellent follow-up piece

Having received an advanced reading copy for Mr Westacotts Christmas as well, it’s time to share what I thought of it. Different world, different story, but the same author. Once again the author grips you will his palette of words and immerses you in a new world, devised from his mind, but what you see and what you get are two completely different things. This isn’t just a short story, it’s a con in written words and if you read it, you will see why and no not con as in, the author penned whatever to liberate purse from coin, but con as in he immerses you so well, that the world he drowns you in, collapses before you and punches you in the throat as everything changes in a turn of the page.

I said he’d build on each work, improving as he goes and in this, Michael J Elliott did just that. Hats off to you mate, you did something that hadn’t been done in a while, you pulled the wool over my eyes while I was looking. I look forwards to the next installment.

And in over news, Book giveaways are also on the agenda, so if you fancy getting your hands on some of my works, be it the Spirit of Iris, or the entire short story saga of the Entwined Saga as of 2015, details can be seen below:

#Free #Ebooks to be Won

The Entwined Saga Competition
Author, Rocky Rochford has teamed up with Micahel J Elliott of The Writers Emporium for a very special contest.

We are giving you the chance to win some of Rocky’s brilliant thriller/Wiccan novel, The Entwined Saga.
One lucky person will win the complete Entwined saga featuring the parts:

*Dead On The Floor
*Salt In The wound
*The First Glance
*I Watched Her
*Burning For You
*Save Her

Two runners up will recieve the first three parts of the Entwined Saga.
The contest is very easy to enter, all you need to do is finish the title to another one of Rocky’s books,

The Rise of The Elohim
The Spirit of ———
To enter, all you need to do is to answer the question and send your name and email address to

* The Competition commences on May 1st and ends on May 16th 2015.
* All entries must be received by midnight Australian EST.
* Entries submitted before the official start date will not be entered into the draw.
* Only entries with the correct answer will be entered into the draw.
*No more than two entries per person.
* All correct entries will be placed in a random name generator to determine the winners.
*All winners will be notified no later than 48hrs after the draw and prizes sent.
*Winners will be announced on the Michael J. Elliott Facebook and Twitter pages.

Good Luck Everyone and Spread the Word!

The first of two of my books is now live on Storyteller Alley:

It is part of this week’s features and will live on the home page from 5/14-5/20. The Spirit of Iris will be their featured giveaway on May 16th. To win, all site visitors need to do is sign up for the weekly newsletter. Once signed up they will be eligible to win any of the books we feature in our daily giveaway.

After May 20th, my book will be tagged with all relevant genres and be searchable on the site

Sadly that is all my time for today gone, but so much more content and novel updates to follow, until next time, Rochford out.

PS. I made friends with an Owl



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