An Interview With… Rocky Rochford & “The Spirit Of Iris”

Featured on an interview on is, me! Join in the fun as we talk Spirit of Iris, Zelda and more!

Miketendo64! By Gamers, For Gamers

Author Photo 2015As I mentioned before in a previous post about the Internet being a powerful entity than can bring people closer together from all around the world. It allows us to connect with others all over and share our love for the same things (i.e in our case, our love for Nintendo) Well today I have had the privilege to talk to Rocky Rochford, an aspiring young author, about his fantasy novel The Spirit Of Iris.

Mike – Thank you for joining me for this Interview Rocky. It is fantastic to be able to talk with you. I do enjoy reading your books and I even have a couple them at home including The Spirit Of Iris. You are an aspiring Author of several novels and have a fair few eBooks under your belt. You also known for helping other authors find their feet in the literacy world.


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