Miketendo64 Exclusive! An Interview With… Jared Potter, Director Of “Creatures Of Hyrule”

Miketendo64! By Gamers, For Gamers

Today has been an extremely good day for me. I woke up and looked at my facebook to find out the Laura Kerger AKA ArtistGamerGal has responded to my interview questions. I have been paid by my boss for the last month, I have played Splatoon for the first time and to top it off, Jared Potter, the director and VFX artist for the Zelda Inspired Webseries “Creatures Of Hyrule” and also “Majora’s Mask Live Action; The Skull Kid” has also reached out, allowing to be interviewed with Yours Truly, giving me this fantastic opportunity to talk with him about his web series, his love for Nintendo and what lies in store for the third episode of “Creatures Of Hyrule”

Mike – Well Jared, it is an honour to talk with you. Your web series is great fun to watch and brilliantly done and has quite a few fans including…

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