Your One Stop Shop of Links for all my Works

My newly constructed, easy to navigate, complete list of my written works:

The Complete Literary Rocky Rochford Collection:

Rise of the Elohim Chronicles:  (YA Fantasy & Dark Fantasy Adventures / Full length novels & Short Stories)
*The Spirit of Iris (Book 1)    /    &
*The Hour of Darkness (Short Story 1)    /

*The Eye of Mares (Book 2)    /    (Not yet Available)

The Don’t Turn Around Trilogy:  (Horror Psychological Thrillers / Short Stories)

*Don’t Turn Around (Part I)    /
*Don’t Say A Word (Part II)    /

Don't Turn Around Trilogy
The Entwined Saga:  (YA Paranormal Thrillers / Short Stories)
*Dead on the Floor (Part I)    /
*Salt in the Wound (Part II)    /
*The First Glance (Part III)    /
*I Watched Her Die (Part IV)    /
*Burning For You (Part V)    /
*Save Her (Part VI)    /

Deep Water Novels:  (Espionage Thriller Adventures / Full length Novels)
*London Calling    /    (Not yet available)
*Phoenix Rises    /

Other Works: (Short Stories & Poetry)
*Little Boy Death; The Life Of (Poetry Collection)    /*The Devil You Know (YA Paranormal Thriller)    /
*Him & Her (Romance) – Also Featured in the Solstice Publishing Anthology, Food of Love    /    &

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