Phoenix Rises, the Untold Story

Every family has that one member you don’t talk about, the one you’re ashamed of and never mention, same can be said for writers and their earlier works. For me, Phoenix Rises is that book, this was the book I wrote when I was 13 years old, that I took to a publisher at 15 and got laughed out of the room. I then re-wrote it at 16 and again at 18 and 20.

At 21 I published that book and it was great, amazing, but as I felt overwhelmed to have the fruits of 8 years labour, as soon as I began reading, I was devastated. All I could focus on was the how poorly edited it was, as great as I could make the story, I just felt like the book was ruined by the wrongly spelt words. I was destroyed, this was a very dark day for me and a dark cloud hung over me,

I didn’t write anything else during those 8 years, just Phoenix Rises, originally titled The Rescuer. I wanted to give up entirely, clearly I was just no good and because of the way I felt, I gave up promoting it and for a long time after that, Phoenix Rises, a story full of characters I loved, was, it was an abomination and I hated it, just like I hated seeing the picture my parents have of me, holding it up. But it is only now do I realize yes it may be poorly edited and a stain on what I always longed for it to be, but that book is the proof of my patience, me dedication to my craft. Where I started from and how far I really came.

She may not be careful, but for 8 years, it was the story that never let me go and still won’t. As soon as my current contract is over, I will go over her, clean her up, put her back together and release her to the world once more. Me and her, we’ll never be finished and I can’t believe I turned my back on her. She is the true driving force in my writing career, the spark that started my desire to forever improve.

The point is, in this career we have chosen for ourselves, this path, there are so many roadblocks and cars ready to run us down, the trick is learning to turn the negatives into positives. To truly take it into our strides and remember sometimes our greatest mistakes, are really our most important achievements or the very thing that paves the way for them.

The Complete Literary Rocky Rochford Collection:

Rise of the Elohim Chronicles:  (YA Fantasy & Dark Fantasy Adventures / Full length novels & Short Stories)
*The Spirit of Iris (Book 1)    /    &
*The Hour of Darkness (Short Story 1)    /

*The Eye of Mares (Book 2)    /    (Not yet Available)

The Don’t Turn Around Trilogy:  (Horror Psychological Thrillers / Short Stories)

*Don’t Turn Around (Part I)    /
*Don’t Say A Word (Part II)    /

Don't Turn Around Trilogy
The Entwined Saga:  (YA Paranormal Thrillers / Short Stories)
*Dead on the Floor (Part I)    /
*Salt in the Wound (Part II)    /
*The First Glance (Part III)    /
*I Watched Her Die (Part IV)    /
*Burning For You (Part V)    /
*Save Her (Part VI)    /

Deep Water Novels:  (Espionage Thriller Adventures / Full length Novels)
*London Calling    /    (Not yet available)
*Phoenix Rises    /

Other Works: (Short Stories & Poetry)
*Little Boy Death; The Life Of (Poetry Collection)    /*The Devil You Know (YA Paranormal Thriller)    /
*Him & Her (Romance) – Also Featured in the Solstice Publishing Anthology, Food of Love    /    &


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