Free Books, you Love them, well here’s mine!


There’s nothing better than a good book, or even a good book and two short stories, of fantasy and horror. Oh wait a minute, there is something better, three works of fiction, available for free download this Wednesday the 15th of July, as part of Amazon’s 20th anniversary, so make sure you get your copies of:

Spirit of Iris:    &
Hour of Darkness:
Don’t Turn Around:

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and now how about a bit about the books themselves:


Book:  Don’t Turn Around
Tagline:  Are you Scared? You Should Be.1360955336

I am Death.
And I am hungry.
And there you are,
Unaware of my arrival.

Don’t turn around.

It’s night.
You’re home alone.
In your living room, wasting your life watching TV.
Or lying in bed with the light on, with a good book in your hand.
Or maybe…
Just maybe you’re in the bathroom.
Standing barefoot.
Brushing your teeth.
You bend down. You spit.
Then you look up.
The last thing you see in the mirror is me standing behind you before I smash your face into the glass.
You take two strikes before you collapse to the floor.
“So pretty,” I remark to myself as my soulless eyes drift over my latest victim.
She can’t be much older than 25, 26 maybe. Not that any of that matters now.
She covers most of her body with a sweatshirt bearing the logo of some college she went to.
I bet her parents worked hard to get her a proper education. Her father working long hours, her mother having to work two jobs.
I bet they did it for years, years of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears just to put their pride and joy through college.
Her chest rises and falls.
Still breathing.
Gonna have to put an end to that.
I look around the bathroom floor. Shards of glass lie around my feet.
Most are tiny and not worth considering, but then out of the corner of my eye, I spot the big one, so I pick it up.


Book:  Hour of Darkness
Tagline:  Evil has many forms and Darkness is just one of them:

BlurbHour of Darkness Cover Art:      With the Shanzi King’s return to Mares looming on the horizon, ready to unleash an eternity of chaos, three of his most trusted and dangerous minions take to the World of Oceania to begin preparations for Darkari’s return, the Dark King of Death. This is the story of  Shaymon, bringer of diseases, Stavros, the always hungry wolf and the warmongering Mongra. Each one desiring nothing more than the total eradication of all humanity, but first they must find themselves a place in the world before can destroy it.

With one evil destroyed, three more returned to the world to continue the work of their King.
In the dark of night sat a two storey house made out of stone, with wooden beams that offered structural support. Built upon a hill, the house overlooked a village of buildings of the same design. For a small village, the settlement was full of two storey homes, shops, a small public library, and a tavern.
In the centre of the village of Retina, of the Mares Realm itself, sat the large mansion home of the Mayor. As was the norm, each one of the buildings had stone slabs covering their roofs.
A hard wind blew in from the east and drifted all through the village and up to the house on the hill, but the wind wasn’t all that swept through the colony. A dark mist swayed left and right as it navigated its way around the populated area, searching for a victim.
However, this was no mere mist. This was the  spectral form of Shaymon, the Shanzi bringer of diseases, one of King Darkari’s most trusted generals.
The village seemed to be devoid of life. It seemed in the dark of night, no human dared to walk the streets.
Instead they are all tucked up in bed, dozing away in the early hours of morning, while up above, a full moon lurked high in the sky. Its rays of moonlight offered some light, while the village’s burning street-lamps were also lit, fighting off the dark of night.
“Damn it! They are all inside their homes!” The mist hissed in an eerie, raspy voice. It spoke in a language unknown to the Mares Realm.
“If I cannot have a human, then I must settle for something else. There must be something!” snarled Shaymon, as the mist continued to manoeuvre the streets, being propelled by the wind.


Book:  The Spirit of Iris
Tagline:  The Battle for Oceania Begins:

Blurb:      Set in a world much unlike our own, on a lonesome planet at the end of the universe, an epic between good and evil is about to come to pass. Living in a medieval era, the inhabitants of the world find themselves up against the dreaded Shanzi, vile creatures of pure darkness who seek one thing, the annihilation of that is good and there is only one who can stop Spirit of Iris Cover Artthem, a young boy by the name of Zach who must Rise up against the forces of darkness and drive them back to the shadow existence from whence they came.

All  hell  broke  loose.  Archers  readied  their  bows,  goblins  on  the  ground  began  to  charge  and  a  horn  was  sounded,  announcing  the  jailbreak. Even so, many goblins weren’t sure where to look or what to do. Even  though  there  was confusion  everywhere,  Zach  was  the  only  one  who  was  thinking  clearly. And was thankful that goblins  are stupid.
The first thing he did was rammed the goblin  and quickly  relieve  him of  his  weapon, cutting him down for good.
That’s  one.
Three  goblins  ran  straight  at  him, blades drawn,  only  to  stop  dead  the  moment  they  were  within  striking  distance.  The archers had hit the wrong target.
Zach dived to the side  and  crawled over to  a  stone  column,  as part  of  an  archway.
That  was  close!
Hearing the heavy breathing of a goblin attempting to sneak up on him, Zach waited until it came around, listening to its every breath before  plunging  the falchion  straight  through  the  abdomen  of  the  goblin  with  ease.
Yanking  his weapon  clear,  Zach  noticed  that  his  defeated  opponent  was  armed  with  a  bow  and  had  a  quiver  containing  a bunch of  arrows.
“Now that will come in handy,” he remarked.
Choosing  to  rid  himself  of  the  sword,  he  threw  the  blood- covered  blade  to  the  grassy  ground  and  snatched  up  the  bow  and  three  arrows. He held the three arrows between his four fingers, pulls back on the string, ready to fire all three at once.
Come on, Izal! he urged in thought, as more goblins advanced on his position.
“Where is he?” a brutish voice demands.
“Anyone got an eyeball?” a second voice called out.
“He’s behind the column with the archway!” A third voice shouted, this one belonging to an archer up on the outer wall.
“Anyone with a clear shot?”
“No sir!”
“Not me!”
“Or I!”
“He’s all yours!”
“Come on, boys!” one of the more thuggish looking goblins barked.
Zach’s  breathing  stayed  slow  and  controlled  as  he  waited.  His  eyes  were  shut,  allowing  his  gift  to  run  wild,   enabling  him  to  sense  twelve  goblins  moving  in  on  him  and  thirteen  more up  on  the  outer  wall, each one wishing to do him harm. Even  though there  were  many  of  them,  the  odds  were  stacked  against  them,  especially  now  since he  is  no  longer  alone.
Izal soared overhead, still  holding  onto  Zach’s  sword. He swooped down repeatedly at the archers, drawing  their  attention  away  from  Zach.
“Up in the sky!” one goblin shouted.
“A bird!”
“Shoot  it!”  another ordered.
The  raven  proceeded  to  soar  upward  and  circled  in front of the  sun,  preventing  the  archers  from  being  able  to  get  a  clear  shot. Zach took the moment and let his arrows fly, then ducked under cover to reload the bow.
His arrows flew true, striking their marks cleanly. Three goblins let fly their own arrows, but their aim was wild. One hit nothing at all, one hit a Fori goblin down on the floor and the third struck down a fellow archer.

The prolific author at home, sword in hand.

The works are available for only the one day an even if they aren’t your sort of thing, or sit on your to be read list, download them anyway, or at least spread the word.

Thank you


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