Getting Strange with Kelly Hall – Author of the Light Keeper series

Time changes most things, including an ordinary fantasy author, to a rather good horror writer, (Don’t Say A Word is great proof of that) so time to add the new skill set and mentality to my posts, starting now.

It’s been a while, but I’m back to kidnapping authors and tying them to a chair to answer my questions as I put the spotlight on them. Kelly Hall put up a bit of a fight, but in the end, they all end up in the chair, so without further ado, let’s get this interrogation started, er, I mean interview started:

The Rocky Rochford Author Questionnaire:

Author: Kelly Hall

Your latest/current work: The Legend of the Light Keeper / The Secret of Strange Waters

Date published: March 4, 2015

Publisher: Booktrope

1. Tell us about your Latest Book/Book about to be released? Release Date? And can you give us a teaser? The Secret of Strange Waters is book two in the Light Keeper series. I am working toward a mid-July release. This installment focuses on Lily learning more about her new powers and the Water. New characters are introduced, and while one will complete the Circle, others will try to expose Lily to tear it apart. We also find out how the inevitable wedding day will affect Lily and Talon’s relationship. I’m really excited and ready to share it, so here’s a teaser!

I stared ahead, trying to clear my mind of everything else, focusing only on the Light that appeared and hovered in front of me. I stared deep into it, straining till my eyes felt like they could pop out of my head. Nothing. “Ugh,” I groaned, as the Light disappeared.

Rustling footsteps outside caught my attention. Peeking out of my blinds, I found Owen crossing the lawn. In one hand he held a flashlight, and in the other, something that looked like his black plastic sports bottle, which he was tapping with his finger to make a hollow thud.

Where is he going? I wondered. Surely Granny and Hunter were asleep. It was well after midnight. I wondered what was going on next door, so I tiptoed quietly into Talon’s room and peeked out his window to their house. Everything seemed normal. There were no lights on inside, and no one else outside. There was nothing but the steady glow beaming into Talon’s room from their outdoor light. Owen was sneaking out. But why?

2. What other books/short stories have you written? I’ve written some other stand-alone pieces, poems, and short stories. Some of which I hope to share in the near future, but The Legend of the Light Keeper is my only published novel at the moment. The Secret of Strange Waters is set for a mid-July release.

3. Do you publish in e-book, print, or both? My book is available in both and the entire Light Keeper Series will be available in both, too.

4. Where can readers find your books? (Purchase Links)

Amazon US:

Amazon CA:

Amazon UK:

Barnes & Noble:


5. What do you think are the biggest challenges for the type of writing that you do? Being a paranormal writer, I find that it’s challenging to create things that are supernatural or paranormal which still seem possible or relatable. Paranormal gives a writer some wiggle room, but you still have to consider that if you create something, which is usually the easy part, it still has to be explained in a way that makes sense. Readers want to know how and why.

6. How did you get started in writing? I’ve always loved to write poetry and short stories. After my dad passed away in 2008, I started reading more fiction series. Most were paranormal. I was enjoying so many wonderful books that allowed me to go to so many great places and meet awesome characters, that I admired those authors for their creativity and wanted to create a story of my own that was bigger than just a few pages. So in 2009 I started writing just for fun. Just to see if I could.

7. Where and how can readers get in touch with you? The best places to reach me are my Facebook page and my website

8. So with your latest work released/or being released, what comes next? What can we expect from you in the future? Well, my Light Keeper series will be five books total, so I’ll be keeping busy with that for now. I hope to do a prequel to that series as well as a spin-off in the future and I have another stand-alone project that has been approved for publishing when I can get to it.

9. How much of your personality and life experiences are in your writing? I don’t really write myself into my work in any obvious way. I mean, none of my characters are exactly like me, but they’re all a little bit like me in some way. I don’t see how they couldn’t have at least a trace of me in them.

10. Do you have a set schedule for writing or do you just go with the flow? I mostly go with the flow. I do love participating in sprints from time to time, but I don’t usually focus or stress on word counts and meeting count goals. I make sure that every day I am making forward progress and whether that’s writing new material or simply revising what’s written, I consider it a positive.

11. What about you in general? What is it that makes you tick? Makes you, you? Things you like to do and what prompted you into writing? Inspiration makes me tick. I love art, creativity, dabbling in this and that, and trying new things. I truly believe we never stop learning in life and we learn from everyone and everything around us. And hopefully we teach and inspire others and give back as well. I believe the best thing that a person can be in life is an inspiration. A positive one, of course.

12. Among your own books, have you a favorite book? Favorite Hero or Heroine? I’m pretty fickle with my own characters. I choose a new favorite depending on what I’m working on and how close to that character I am in the moment. Right now, with gearing up for the release of The Secret of Strange Waters, I am a little smitten with Owen Riley. He’s really misunderstood and takes quite a journey of personal growth in the series.

13. Where do you see yourself in five years? I see myself writing, publishing more books, and hopefully giving more back to the readers and to young writers as well. I’d also love to do more in design. Art is always going to be a big part of my life. I’m sure I’ll still be making wedding cakes. I’ve been a cake artist for over twelve years now, so there’s no killing the sugar passion.

14. What does your significant other think of your writing? He’s very supportive. He gives me the time and space I need to create. It’s very important to have love and support for your passions and I’m blessed to have had it for twenty-one years now.

15. Have you ever experienced Writer’s Block? If so how did you work through it? If I find that the words are just not flowing and I’m having trouble on a particular part, I try to go back and reread what lead up to it and think on where I want to go with it. I usually will plug that information into my brain and then go for a walk and work it all out in my head while I do other things. Then I rush to write it down once I’ve got it. Just like when creating other types of art, sometimes you need to step away and come back with fresh eyes.

16. Who are some of your favorite authors to read? I love reading Rachel Caine for her down-to-earth style and Cassandra Clare because of her worlds and characters. Both have taken me on some great adventures.

17. How much of your personality and life experiences are in your writing? I don’t really write myself into my work in any obvious way. I mean, none of my characters are exactly like me, but they’re all a little bit like me in some way. I don’t see how they couldn’t have at least a trace of me in them.

18. Do you have a set schedule for writing or do you just go with the flow? I mostly go with the flow. I do love participating in sprints from time to time, but I don’t usually focus or stress on word counts and meeting count goals. I make sure that every day I am making forward progress and whether that’s writing new material or simply revising what’s written, I consider it a positive.

Additional question: Lastly do you have any words of encouragement for unpublished writers? Keep on writing. Write with the attitude that no one is ever going to see it but you. That way you won’t let anything hinder your creativity. You can worry about what other’s think when it’s time to edit. Just get that story out so you can shape it into greatness.

Well that was the interrogation, I got a few good punches in, knocking a tooth or two loss, so I’m satisfied, so while I soak my knuckles in ice, I’ll let Kelly tell you a bit about her self and share an extract from her latest work, I read the first book and it was great, really great, which was lucky for her, because If it wasn’t, well then…

Kelly Hall:

Biography: I was born and raised in Southeast Texas, and lives in a small town just a stone’s throw from the ghost road where my Light Keeper series is based.

When I’m not busy writing, or spending time with my husband and two sons, I, the self-proclaimed creative junkie dabbles in many different forms of art, including cake decorating and mixed media.

You can learn more about me here at







The Extract:

Talon and I sat on our back steps, talking about our day.The Secret of Strange Waters- Blue Title RGB School started a week ago, and we were already starting to miss one another. We’d grown used to having all day, every day, together, but lately we only saw each other at lunch and when we got home. After school, we did our chores and homework, and hoped to still have time to be alone before our parents got home. We were keeping our new relationship a secret from them, since Talon’s dad was going to marry my mom. We all moved to Bragg Road in June to get a jump start on our lives together before the wedding, which was set for October – only a month away. So far everything was great, and Talon and I had grown much closer.

I took the step below him and leaned against his chest as he rested his chin on my shoulder. As I reached up and ran my fingers through his dark curls and breathed in his familiar scent, it was hard to remember life before him.  The previous year, I had lost everything in the hurricane: my home, my possessions, and my friends. At the time, it seemed to be the end of the world, but I was born again to this new life: a fresh start I never wanted, but now would never trade. I’d gladly pay the same price again. If there’s one sure thing I learned, it’s that material things are not the true treasures of life; people are.

Since moving to Bragg and meeting Granny and my cousins, Hunter and Owen, I learned that life could be normal, even though I never would be. I accepted who I was: an ordinary girl with the extraordinary gifts of seeing Shadows and controlling my Light— the Ghost Light of Bragg Road. I have seen the Shadows for as long as I can remember. They were always there in the dark, so I tried my best to avoid them.  Even though I was able to, I knew with my Light power they could never really get to me now. They were afraid of it.

Alyssa, my ghostly great aunt, was the keeper of the mysterious Light that haunted Bragg Road since her death years ago. She was trying to find Michael, her boyfriend, who’d been staying alive on medicinal Waters to find her, but apparently the mysterious and powerful man who killed her also kept them apart through the years. I wasn’t sure how he’d done it, or why. When she and Michael disappeared to the other side, they left me with so many questions. I could only hope to find the answers and learn more about my gifts. I still haven’t found out who the mysterious man, Rex, was, and wasn’t even sure if that was what Alyssa wanted me to learn in the first place. Still, I was curious. Michael had said we were the same – Rex, Alyssa, and me. It took me a while to learn there was a name for what I was. Luckily, my cousins figured that out.

One night, they came to my window after sending a warning text. “You gotta hear this,” Hunter said, helping me out of my window. Talon, climbing out behind me, refused help from Owen. We made our way to the back patio next door and gathered around in a circle of rickety lawn chairs. The scraping of the metal legs on concrete offended my ears as we got situated.

“This better be good,” Talon said, yawning. “I just went to sleep.”

“I think Lily will appreciate it.” Owen turned to me with wide emerald eyes. “We know what you are, Lily. Listen to the EVP.” He held a recorder up close to my ear.

I recognized the recording. It had been taken the night of our investigation with Alyssa on Bragg Road. When Hunter finally analyzed the recording, all he found was a shrill, angelic hum. I thought it was interference at the time.

I rubbed my eyes; this wasn’t anything new. “We’ve been over this already,” I said sleepily.

“Just listen, it’s coming,” Hunter said. After a second, he pointed his finger at me. “You hear that?” He smiled.

“I heard something,” said Talon. “Rewind it.” I didn’t hear anything but static. I listened more carefully.

Talon jumped back, his eyes wide with amazement. “I heard it!” He played the recording once more.

I was getting frustrated. “Again, please.” I sighed, growing impatient and missing the warm, mosquito-free comfort of my bed. I slapped another blood-sucker and flicked his remains off my arm.

“It’s there, Lily,” Talon assured. “It says ‘light’ something.” He leaned in closer to the device.

“I heard it. Light Keeper?” I glanced up at Owen, who was nodding. The noise was a faint whisper mixed with a little static in the hum, but it was most definitely there.

“Yes, Light Keeper, Lily. You’re a Light Keeper. It makes sense.” Owen looked as if that solved everything. To me it only presented the same questions. Mainly, what the heck was a Light Keeper, and why me?

“That’s what it says,” Talon said, with the smile still touching his eyes. “I don’t know what it means, but I think they’re right. It’s what you are.” And with that, my newly discovered gift had a name. Since then, we have accepted the paranormal as normal and made it our mission to understand it.

Well that’s time folks, I can’t keep her prisoner all day, she has got a family an a series to keep writing, so fly away butterfly, fly fly. Guess I’ll go back to reading Strange Waters and honestly, you should too:

Amazon US:

Amazon CA:

Amazon UK:

Barnes & Noble:


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