Hit the Road Jack

You know, it’s funny, I actually feel really sad. Not like you took my candy bar, but a part of my heart has been wrenched out.
Today I finished my first ever series and with it, I bid farewell to one of my best characters to date. He knew it was coming and he didn’t want the series to end, he wanted to keep the work going. To keep me writing. Jack didn’t want to his story to end, but it was always intended to, but he knew it was curtain call, so he made it a show. Today is the first time I finished a series and said goodbye to the voice and person in my head.
Yes he will always be there in the written word, his story at arm’s length to be grabbed and read again, but reading the story is one thing, writing it is something completely different. You become friends with the character, you bond with them, share ideas, boundaries and you make magick, regardless of how evil they were.
Yes our paths will cross one more time, one more time in the writing set as I type out his prequel, his earlier escapades, but it will not be the same, he would be a different version, an earlier version, less twisted but experimental.
I’m in mourning for him and I haven’t even edited, proofed and released his story. Still it ended on his terms You can’t ask for anything more than that.
So here’s to you Jack:
One last time it’s Just a Game.
One last time its your moment in the sun.
One last time for the world you know your name.
One last time for your last run.

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