On the Agenda – August 17th & Onwards

This is why I know I’m a sadist, always setting myself up with too many goals at once:

ROTE - Eye of Mares Revised Cover Art
As of today, this is my schedule for the rest of the month:

-Finish Don’t Even Blink (Another 40 pages to go)
-Type up The Devil Before (Two, or one good writing session and it is in the bag)
-Finish Sick Like Me by September first (60 pages to go)
-Carry out round 1 of Edits of The Eye of Mares

And maybe just maybe if there is time, write up Method, Blood and Like Father, Like Son for a horror collection I’ve got in the works. (Although I’m realistic enough to know that these will be a next month thing. As well as getting back to Dead Memories).

Then there’s also the release of London Calling alon Friday, jaysus, so promos and a promo video is on the agenda, so a lot to do, especially since I aim to release three works for Halloween and still have to make my video review of DM Cain​’s Chronicle of ChaosChronicles of Chaos and #Awethors 6/20.

So #WriteStorm sessions are a must! (I thank A.L. Mengel, the awesome and talented author of Ashes and the book I can’t wait for, The Blood Decanter)


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