A.L. Mengel is in the House

Today I am very please to announce I have a great guest taking over my blog, a man who needs no introduction but I’ll give him one any, ladies and gentleman let’s give it up for A.L. Mengel, author of the newly released Blood Decanter & #Writestorm:

Today he will be talking about his current works, links to where you can find them and of course you’ll get to learn a little about him to. A.L. Mengel is a Paranormal Fiction writer and blogger. His novels and stories have each been called a “complex examination of relationships” with strong antiheros. His works address issues of alcoholism, intolerance, grieving and death, fear of the afterlife, and the journey for understanding, among others. His protagonists, some of which are angels and demons, are frequently found on a search for purpose or transformation, which are recurring themes in his stories.

He is also the mind behind #Writestorm – a writing methodology (and published book of the same name) which has been embraced by authors around the world as a more efficient and productive process of writing. Mengel grew up reading Stephen King and Anne Rice, two of his favorite authors. He first found a love of writing upon taking a Creative Writing class in High School – but did not become a morewritingstudio_fbcover(1) serious writer until becoming an Arts and Entertainment Editor in Philadelphia, and later while taking another Creative Writing class where he was inspired to complete his first novel. More recently, he has connected and interacted with his readers via “The Writing Studio” where he shares his writing methods and inspiration.
And now we know the man, it’s time to get to know his words and his stories:
Ashes – The Special Edition
When Ashes was originally released by Parchman’s Press, A.L. Mengel broke new ground in supernatural storytelling.

Blending realism with fiction, and weaving together the paranormal with the theology of Catholicism, superstition and common myths, he introduced a simple story with a profound message and deep, spiritual elements. The majority of the message resides between the prose, while other themes are flung into the reader’s face. “Ashes” does not hold back in addressing issues of bigotry and intolerance, alcoholism, betrayal, sexual identity and broken relationships.

The story opens with Antoine, an abandoned immortal, longing for the company of his maker once again. Antoine seeks to resurrect him, and bargains for the ultimate payment – his soul. And the demons come. Antoine manages to escape, but not without those pursuing him at every corner.

“Ashes” is a seemingly simple horror story with unexpected complexity and undeniable impact. It will take the reader through facets of time, space and across dimensions – and delivers a profound message. That a scratched surface is merely scratched.
The Quest for Immortalityamazon(1)
The world is in chaos.

Fires, storms and an eternal dark sky fight to hold the people hostage as an unprecedented flow of bodies keep the morgues at their breaking point. Some are of fallen immortals who once sought renewed eternal life.

A.L. Mengel crafts a hypnotic story which inhabits the land of demons and angels; telling of heartache, loss, hope and love. Lush and exotic, with Darius at the heart, he desperately searches for the elixir to end his curse.

From his early days we learn of his heritage; from his time in Paris when Vaudeville was in its infancy; to present day New York and Miami. This story of compassion visits Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris, the coffee fields of Sri Lanka, and the dusty bungalows of ancient Jerusalem and Gethsemane with elegant prose and stunning detail.

A.L. Mengel weaves a tapestry of luxuriant wickedness; paints a portrait of a dazzling vixen seductress; a mysterious secret society; and an unusual mortician all searching for the same purpose…but each spellbound by evil.
The Blood Decanteral
“Come with me and drink from The Blood Decanter…”

No matter how the clouds part,
Nor the skies clear,
I open my eyes to blood rain;
Wash the tears away,
And weep again for a different purpose.

Who is The Hooded Man?

Rumors have spread across the Immortal community – from Miami and New York to Paris, Frankfurt and Rome. Talk of ‘the man in the hood who carries the decanter’ have been increasing. But are the rumors true?

Immortals around the world have been losing their dark gift – becoming mortal once again, dying an eternal death, cursed and damned forever. The rumors continue to spread, worldwide, as a mythical figure is seen shortly before each “death” carrying a bulbous crystal decanter. Is it the end of the Immortals?

A.L. Mengel continues the Tartarus saga with powerful passages and eloquent description. Mesmerizing and exquisite; traveling to Piazza San Pietro, to Paris in the Dark Ages, ancient Jerusalem and modern day Lyon and Cairo, The Blood Decanter does not hold back with dazzling prose, across oceans and throughout time, interwoven together in a genealogy of blood ancestry.
And let us not forget about:
#Writestorm – How to Create a 100,000 word Novel from Conception to Publication in Less than One Year
Are you struggling to finish a novel? Read this book and get the novel written. Employ a simple – yet profoundly effective – method of writing, which has proven perfect for the busy author who juggles a full-time career and balancing life’s long list of responsibilities. Find the time to write and get the book finished. This book is meant to be a quick and inspirational read. A.L. Mengel, the author of “Ashes”, “The Quest for Immortality” and “The Blood Decanter” shares his #Writestorm process with you, a methodology he developed while writing “The Blood Decanter” and has enabled him to complete a 100,000 word, quite complex novel, with a large and detailed cast of characters, in less than one year. The #Writestorm process has been embraced by several groups on Facebook, leading to #Writestorm group sessions where Independent Authors from around the world compete with one another, writing simultaneously, to achieve high word counts. Discover the details, read about and adopt the #Writestorm process in this book – written by the author himself who developed the process, and discover the A.L. Mengel style of writing. And #Writestorm your way to becoming a published author!
If you want to stay up to date with all the happenings in A.L. Mengel’s world, be sure to get connected through social media with these links below:
Visit the Writing Studio here on Facebook:

Check out his Blog: www.eatlivewrite.blogspot.com
Visit his Website: www.almengel.com
Or you can follow him on Twitter: www.twitter.com/authoralmengel
And check him out on Goodreads: A.L. Mengel
It was a pleasure having you here mate!

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    If you’re having a hard time finding a place to start with your story check it Andy Mengels novel #Writestorm. I’ve participated in a few of these recently and they have helped me pump out the chapters quicker. Here’s an interview my fellow Awethor Rocky Rochford did with him.


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