Out Now – Anatomy of a Darkened Heart by Christie Stratos

With such a great book out and available on Amazon, it is only fitting I have the exceptional author behind it join me on my blog, so for today, on this #writerwednesday, let’s give it up for the brilliant Christie Stratos.

Now what better way to get a feel for her words, than to nose dive right into an extract from her latest book:


The Hinsleys. Godparents.

Elizabeth knew what he was thinking. He was thinking they would grant Abigail Delilah plenty of gifts, money, bestow upon her all the things they could not give their own baby. But he was also thinking Mrs. Hinsley could act as a second mother to the child, replace Elizabeth even if only to a small degree. He was thinking Mrs. Hinsley would make Elizabeth into the woman he wanted her to be: her mother.
She would be no such thing.
Elizabeth’s mother was a pious woman, yes, but also hard, cold, so stern that Elizabeth never felt her love. Exactly what she married into. How do these horrible motifs carry through a person’s life? If she had already experienced distance from her parents, should she not experience warmth from her husband? Was that not what was due her?
It seemed not.
Elizabeth wondered… If she was more like Mrs. Hinsley, would Richard change at all? Would he become more considerate, more caring? Elizabeth doubted it. More likely he would remain the same but approve of her more. What does that feel like? She supposed it must feel like a child winning a game of fox and geese – hard won and short-lived. Insignificant in the long run.
No, she would not be her mother’s daughter.
She must take Mrs. Hinsley in, make her think that she was welcome in Elizabeth’s home at all times, that she was part of the Whitestone family now. Now that Richard had already made this enormous decision and informed them behind Elizabeth’s back, she must make Mrs. Hinsley feel like she belonged, bring her in close. That would be the easiest way to eliminate her from the picture.
Richard had changed the wallpaper. It was horrid. Black damask on blinding white. She would have preferred almost anything else. But why would he ask her? It was his house.
It was his house.
It was his house.
It was his baby.
But it was in her hands.

Now that we’ve read the good stuff let’s hear from the author herself in her own words:

Anatomy of a Darkened Heart is my first full-length novel since high school. Believe it or not, I wrote a novel in high school that I was polishing up to send out to literary agents, but I took too long and went away to college before I got the chance to finish editing. That book was a 180 from this book. It was superhero science fiction, and AoDH is dark historical fiction. What a difference! I had also written a full-length novel in middle school, but that one was more fun than for serious publication.
I started AoDH November 1, 2014 for NaNoWriMo, and I only decided to write it instead of one of my many other ideas because it seemed to be taking up a lot of space in my head. It wasnt even a full-fledged concept at a time, just a vague idea of a Victorian girl torn between her true self and what everyone assumes she is. One thing that helped flesh out my ideas was Pinterest, since visualizing historically accurate clothing, furniture, and many other fine details was essential. I also carried around with me a real-life Pinterest that helped keep me in the Victorian zone all day long.
Now that I’ve published one book, I can’t wait to continue publishing. AoDH is the first of five books in the Dark Victoriana Collection, and next year (2016) I’ll be publishing three more books in the series. The final book will be published in 2017, and then it’s off to nChristie Stratos headshot_outdoorsew endeavors! And yes, I already have them planned 5 years out.
You’ve seen her words in action, you’ve heard her talking about the book, and now you will hear her bio:
Christie Stratos is an editor and award-winning writer who holds a degree in English Literature. An avid reader of all genres and world literature, Christie reads everything from bestsellers to classics to indies, and is an audiobook reviewer at AudioBookReviewer.com. She is also a writer of published short stories, poetry, and novels. She dabbles in all genres.
And she does some really cool video posts on youtube, this being one of them:
And this being another, her Anatomy release launch vid:

I myself am reading this work at this very moment and I am really enjoying it, so make sure you pick up your own copy, but more than that, make sure you pay close attention to this author because the only direction Christie is going, is up:

Buy links:
Buy direct from the author for the same price as Amazon – signed and personalized copy: http://christiestratos.com

Sadly that is all we have got time for, so it’s time to bid Christie farewell and wish her the best of luck with her writing endeavors.

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