Cynthia Ley, Author of Bump — a Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Vol II story

With the latest volume of Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Volume II just around the corner, how about we talk to some of the people behind it, first up, Cynthia Ley:

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Vol II Questionnaire:

Author Cynthia Ley

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I hail from the lush rain forests of the lower Pacific Northwest, at about the halfway point between the volcanos of the Cascade Range and the Pacific Ocean. Among my many interests are history, folklore, the paranormal, cryptozoology, theosophy, embroidery, bookbinding, etc.—I’m a magpie. Love my spouse, our pet critters, our wild critters, and am a noted rescuer of spiders.

What bought you to the world of writing?

I’ve had a love affair with language and sound as long as I can remember. After years of working as a college writing tutor, my friend and now-sister author KateMarie Collins asked me to edit some stories for her. That led to a job working as an editor for Solstice Publishing. Several nudges and pokes from folks there and I started writing my own stories. I am forever grateful for their encouragement and support.

What story have you entered into the Anthology and why?

Bump. It was my first real foray into writing psychological horror. I love a good scary tale.

What type of books do you write and do they fulfil your reader’s needs?

Up to now, I have written short story collections and stories for anthologies. My work tends to be a little satirical, a bit philosophical, scary, funny, and absurdist. I don’t really have a specific genre—it’s just what the Muse dictates to me at the time. I hope my readers find them satisfying and come back for more!

Tell us about your short story?

Bump was inspired by actual events. The rest you’ll find out for yourself!

What books have you written and where can we get them? 

All of my work is published by Solstice Publishing and is available through Titles:

Perfect & Other Stories (e-book, 2014)

Tales of a Twisted World (e-book, 2014)

Creeps & Creepers (e-book, 2014)

The Food of Love anthology (e-book & print, 2015); story “The Moon and the Daystar”

Summer Thrills, Summer Chills (e-book & print, 2015); story “The Tin Foil Hat Society”

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (e-book & print, 2015); story “Bump”

“The Moon and the Daystar” and “The Tin Foil Hat Society” have been published as single titles on e-books.

Forthcoming: “The Decorator” (e-book), 2015

Who are your favourite authors?

That’s really hard to pin down. I read all kinds of things. My favorite authors are those who bring you into their space and make it live.

Social Media Links:

twitter @CynthiaLey2

My blog

Do you have any more information you’d like to share with us?

Just my mantra for readers: regardless of what and who you read, Reviews Are A Great Goodness, both good or bad. They all help us to become better writers.

You can catch Bump and many other tales in:


10 Supernatural Bedtime Stories
Volume II
Release date: November 10th 2015

Promo Trailer

Participating authors:Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Volume II
                 Angela Deppeler
                 S.C. Alban
                 Rebecca Frencl
                 Mel Massey
                 Terry Farricker
                 D.M. Sears
                 Susanna Hargreaves
                 Rocky Rochford
                 Missy Turner
                 Cynthia Ley
Be sure to check back for the next author interview, Terry Farricker.

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