A LESSON ON MAGICK – Writing need to Know Facts

With such groundbreaking series’ in the book market that heavily feature these subjects, there’s no surprise why so many new books involve magick and the paranormal, but what you don’t know is more than half are doing it wrong and breaking rules the authors don’t know actually exist.


Firstly let’s talk spells, which in itself is a bit of a lengthy subject, but let’s start with the actual name of them. Spells are basic, their names aren’t mumbo jumbo made to sound cool, but actual words, words usually of Hebrew origin, Tibetan, Greek, Estonian, but mostly Latin and usually they are what they say on the tin, you want a spell to summon rain, the actual incarnation is usually a translated version of the word rain.

Below is a list of spells used in the Harry Potter series and their English translations:

Accio – Action
Avada Kedavra  – Open the cadaver (To make a corpse)
Everte Statum – Avert State  meaning to jump suddenly, or thrown back)
Finite Incantartem – Finish Incarnation
Lumos Solem – Sun light

I can go on for hours but I won’t. The point is, every spell isn’t just words, it;s name is the meaning to the action you want to create and that the only time you should create a new name for a spell is if your characters are a race entirely of their own, with their own language and they made these spells. That all the spells were made long after their language was established as the supreme language.
must have.jpg

Also as for magic spells in general, they can be very finicky, there is a counter-spell to every incantation, including those that do cause death, usually because the best kinds of castors perfect the counter first. But Magicks can only ever be countered by those who have truly learned what they are countering against. You can not counter what you can not do, every spell has a feel to it, a flow of energy that is unique, like a snow flake and it is very easy to get the two mixed up. Also with thousands of books out there, brimming full of magical spells that were used by tried and tied witches, you have plenty of reading material and options to choose from. And let’s not forget witchcraft is more a math and a science than just words, it can take years to perfect a spell, so any character who creates an all new spell who have only practiced for a year or two, just aren’t plausible as magic is not something you perfect over night, despite how great you may be, or even chosen. Also its Magic with a K. Magic is what street-folk do and the practice of performers, Magick is the actual potion brewing, incantation chanting life that flows from all those born of this earth.




Tune in next time for a lesson in the paranormal.


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