Eye of Mares – Available for Pre-order now

The Latest installment in the Rise of the Elohim Chronicles is almost here, available in both print and ebook, you can pre-order your copies right here:

Eye of Mares


As like before, Ashleigh Longman, my talented illustrator took up her pencil once more to bring the story on my pages, to life in a whole new set of illustrations.

You can expect to see two book extracts from the work to appear on this very website, but if you can’t wait, you can catch the blurb right here:
Pic 50 - (Bonus Pic) The Story Continues.JPGNearly four years have past since Zach drew blade against the Shanzi Shimay and now the time has come for him to draw his sword once more. The Realm of Mares has fallen victim to invasion as three terrifying beasts of darkness, seek to destroy the world around them, as they await the inevitable arrival of their King.
With dark times ahead, the numbers of the Watchers on Iris has grown, as Zach is joined by seven fellow students, all to eager to prove their worth. It’s not long before the students are put to the test facing off against the Nein Navy and uncover a dark secret.
The stage is set and the Battle for Mares is under-way.

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