Eye of Mares Chapter Extract Reveal #1

With the second installment of the Rise of the Elohim Chronicles, the Eye of Mares, releasing next week, here is the first of two extracts:


Chapter Eighteen

Return of the Prince



Elsewhere on Marisia, Prince Gilbert was fuming. His father was dead, making him ruler of the land, but everyone questioned and second-guessed him anyway. He needed a wife. Once he was married, he would be crowned King. Let’s see the fools question him then! he thought.

He threw a number of grapes down his large gob and groaned loudly.

“My liege?” a servant asked, gazing upon his obese ruler, sitting on his throne. “You called for me?”  “Yes, I did. Have Stefan and his men returned yet?” Gilbert barked. He was eager for the Commander’s return.

Pic 26 - Chapter 18.JPG

“No Sire.”  The reply infuriated Gilbert, so out of rage, he tossed the silver platter his grapes had occupied. The multicoloured tunic wearing servant, dived to his right just to avoid the hurled object.

“Pick that up and leave my sight!” the peeved Prince commanded.  Ever since his father’s murder, he had become more cruel, more callous and much rounder, as his weight skyrocketed.

The servant did as he was told, but just as soon as he stepped out of the room, he was halted.

“Wait!” Prince Gilbert yelled.

“Yes Sire?” the servant asked. His aged eyes appeared almost soulless.  “If you pass Katari, send him in,” Gilbert declared, requesting for his trusted advisor.  “Of course.”

With no other words needed, the servant departed, leaving the fat prince alone in the throne room.

“I continue to allow myself to be surrounded by idiots. Why do I allow myself to tolerate their stupidity?” he questioned himself out loud.  Since his reign began, he hadn’t bothered with making any major changes. Sure the laws were altered to suit him better, but the officers in the Marisia Guard were the same ones his father had, as was the palace staff.  However, that being said, having become sick and tired of them Prince Gilbert was seriously considering a complete overhaul.  He had grown very tired of their attitude, heard them whispering behind his back, slagging him off. A number of his subjects would bang on about how much of a poor ruler he was and how he was an insult to his father’s memory.  However, none of them compared to what a chambermaid said. A comment that saw her immediate dismissal and imprisonment. It was a comment that forever haunted Gilbert’s mind.

“It’s a good thing the King is dead, ‘cos if ‘e was alive today ‘n saw wot ‘is son ‘as become, ‘e would die of shame, ‘e would.”

Approaching footsteps stirred the Prince’s attention. He looked up in time to witness a long haired man enter the room.

The hair was wild and as bright as pure snow. However, the elderly face of Katari did not look pleased.

“You summoned me, Gilbert?” the old timer croaked. In all his years present at the palace, he had never addressed the fat lump by his title.   “Ah Katari, I like my father before me, require your guidance. Please come closer.” With a pudgy hand, Gilbert waved the royal advisor to approach him.

“What concerns you now?” Katari asked, as he approached.

“You mean besides the peasants complaining that the price of taxes are too high? Or the budgetary expense for the Marisia Guard that keeps growing by the day? And then to top it all off, there is a massive dragon that insists on desecrating my town!” Gilbert snapped aggressively. “What good is a kingdom if there are no subjects to rule over? Tourism is down and with every new visit from that winged nightmare, more and more of my cowardly subjects jump onto the next ship out of here. And, to add insult to injury, they leave without paying their taxes.”

“I realise we are faced with quite the predicament, but all of it shall work out fine, I’m sure. After all, Stefan and the Marisian Guard are some of the finest soldiers in all of Sancti. Once they locate the beast’s hiding place I am sure they will easily cut it down to size thus ridding ourselves of it once and for all!” Katari chimed in.

“I am not so sure. The dragon has plagued us for what feels like an eternity. And whenever I send out a search party to locate its dwelling, they find nothing, even when I sent them to neighbouring islands,” the fat prince countered.

“I am aware of that, but we must live in hope, trust the soldiers will be successful. Otherwise the only other real option is to contact the Watchers and ask for their assistance,” Katari advised.

“Never!” Gilbert roared. “My father never called upon them for anything and neither will I.”   “Forget me ever mentioning it,” Katari apologised.

“Tell me, what of the patient, has he awakened yet?”   The patient Gilbert referred to was none other than Benji. When he was flung skyward, he crashed down into the roof of one of the palace’s spiral towers and slid down onto the perimeter wall. He was soon discovered by a passing guard, who took him straight to the royal physician for emergency care.

Benji was fortunate; he was bruised and scratched, but had no broken bones. The impact with the tower knocked him cold.

“No, not yet.” Katari answered.

“I see,” Gilbert replied.

Before anything else was said, the servant from earlier on, burst in.

“Sire, Commander Stefan and his men have returned.”

“Bring him to me!” Gilbert snapped, sitting up straight.





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Be sure to check back, for there will be more book 2 news and even book three reveals!








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