The Eye of Mares Blog Tour coming Soon

I promised there would be another extract from my upcoming Eye of Mares, as part of its release and there is, further down below, but before I get into that, a bit of news first.


To celebrate the release of my final book of the year, I have a very special ROTE - Eye of Mares Revised Cover Artonline blog tour lined up, starting here on the 10th of December, the Day the Eye of Mares releases, to the end of the month and with each appearance my book does, a new page can be seen from the book, with over twenty to make an appearance, so if that doesn’t get your tongues wagging, I don’t know what will, except a spoiler reveal from Book 3, to appear right here on January the 10th!


For those who are interested in following each blog appearance, you can find them on the following websites on the following dates:


December 10th – Part I

December 11th – Part 2

December 12th – Part 3

December 13th – Part 4


December 14th – Part 5

December 15th – Part 6

December 16th – Part 7

December 17th – Part 8

December 18th – Part 9

December 19th – Part 10

December 20th – Part 11

December 21st – Part 12

December 22nd – Part 13

December 23rd – Part 14

December 24th –  Part 15

December 25th – Part 16

December 26th – Part 17

December 27th – Part 18

December 28th – Part 19

December 29th – Part 20

December 30th – Part 21

December 31st – Part 22


The Holidays are shaping up to be a good one, especially with the #Awethors December #Antholgy (Dark and Light Volumes) available on Amazon this very minute and now before I leave you, it is time for the Mares extract:



Chapter Nine

Dreaming of Dragons

Waking suddenly, a half-conscious Zach rolled out of bed and landed on P5210745.JPGhis feet. Images from the dream he awoke played through his head, repeating over and over as if on a loop. His heart raced, while his breathing was heavy, so to counter this, he slowed both and gave in to the images of the dream. The first thing he saw was men in armour being burned alive by the ferocious dragon before it made its move for the old stone building with a bell tower and stained glass windows. A building that was rapidly laid to waste only to then have the dragon focus on the town’s citizens. A woman dressed in grey scurried alone in the streets, clutching a gathering of items, appeared before Zach. Who just as she was about to be eaten by the dragon, a young man in colourful clothing pushed her to safety. A man who then attempted to do battle against the dragon, but to no avail. Last thing Zach saw before the dream repeated, was the young man being flung asunder onto the roof of a spiral tower. Zach opened his eyes before he had to watch the soldiers be killed again. He chose to focus on his room, as he attempted to ignore the stabbing feeling in his gut. This wasn’t the first time he had dreamed about a dragon, causing chaos on some faraway land. Each dream different from the last and each one feeling ever so real. To Zach, it felt like he could actually feel the intense heat of the flames breathed from the dragon. Like he could feel the fear that radiated from the dragon’s terrified prey. With the arrival of the new dragon-related dream, the more Zach began considering the possibility that the dreams could be real events, which were actually taking place.  He looked to his window and observed the incoming light that filled his room. It was clearly morning, but what time he didn’t know. Zach walked over to the window in his room and looked out. It was light out, but not yet noon.  Zach returned his focus to his room and cast a lazy eye over his slept-in bed. The sheets were dishevelled and pillows out of their cases, so before he would make his way to the academy, he would have to change the habit of a lifetime and make his bed for once as opposed to putting it off till later on, after being asked to. Afterwards Zach sat himself down, put his boots on and strapped his beloved blade to the belt around his waist. He marched into the living room, where his eyes drifted over to the dining table. Laid on top of it was a circular shaped object, with a flat back, but a rounded front. A shield of his own making.  On the back were two iron bars for an arm to slide behind and grip a handle. Most of the defensive armament was made out of wood to make it lighter, but was reinforced with iron bars to give it added strength. On the front of the shield, four bars laid on top of each other at different angles. The braced Nogmal shield was something Zach had been working on for the last week and had only just finished it. Upon realising he was wasting time by just staring at his creation and doing nothing else, he turned to face the front door and strolled over to it. He reached for the handle, to give it a twist, only to have the handle escape his grasp, as it was yanked away. Someone was outside and was coming in. Acting upon instinct, Zach leapt backward, whilst his dominant hand cut through the air and clasped the handle of his trusty sword. He pulled it to and stood ready, just as his front door was opened. Zach half expected to see Damien and his mates, as they are the only ones to dare enter his home unheralded. However it was not boys who stood before him, but Jasmine. She wore her armoured suit and had her right hand on the door handle.  “So I have to knock, but you don’t?” he asked, as he released his sword.  His eyes centred on his unannounced guest. His comment was a reference to a something Jasmine said to him time and time again, when he first started visiting her at her newly built home. He intruded her house four times before she took it upon herself to teach him some common courtesy. “Yes, I should have knocked first, but I really want to show you something!” Jasmine replied. Her voice was high pitched and filled with excitement. “What?” he asked, turning his back to her. His eyes quickly searched the room, making sure it was both clean and suitable for having company round. “Can I come in?” the Priestess requested. “Yeah, of course,” Zach replied, flashing a grin of his own, as he turned back to his guest. “So what is it you wish to show me?” He asked, whilst watching Jasmine step into his home. “Well, you know I have been learning magic from Mako’s big bad book of spells?” Jasmine questioned, eagerly approaching Zach. “The book you’ve been studying from ever since you stepped foot onto Iris, so that you learn and grow, magically speaking,” Zach retorted. He took a seat at the dining table with the shield resting on it.

Pic 16 - Chapter 8.JPG

“Well, there is this one spell in the book that I have been trying to get the hang of, look…” The reason for Jasmine’s pause, was so she could hold out her left hand. She turned her open hand to a closed fist, only to open it again and conjure up a bolt of lightning, which danced from finger to thumb and back. Jasmine’s display of magic was not over yet, for she did the same with her right hand. Except instead of having lightening travel from thumb to finger and back, she conjured blue fire instead. “As you already know, I can summon both thunder and fire.” She focused on both Zach and her dancing magic, which she turned into balls of elemental energy. One of fire and the other of lightening. “Yes, I am well aware of that fact, as I have been on the receiving end in the past.” Sessions where Jasmine attempted to set fire to Zach, only to miss and instead set fire to the forest of Nogmal trees. An incredible feat as Nogmal trees were fireproof in their natural state. Luckily Jasmine’s magic with water was equally as good and she was able to put out her own flames. “Yeah, well, check this out.” She brought her hands together, so close together that the balls of energy were pressing up against each other. However Jasmine was not done, as she forced her hands closer together still, causing the balls of energy to begin fusing together. “There is this one spell in the book, an Infusion spell that actually allows the user to combine two different elements, thus making the user’s elemental attacks, much stronger. For the last few weeks, I have been practising such a thing in secret. Never to succeed in my fusing attempts, until this morning.” Once again, a proud smile hung on Jasmine face, as she continued to fuse her elemental balls, only to then complete the fusion. A single, dual elemental ball of fire and lightning hung suspended above her hands. “Most impressive. I take it you now want to use your newly found skill against me,” he surmised, deeply fascinated by his friend’s little show and tell display. “Hell yeah!” Jasmine replied quickly. There was a maniacal glint in her eyes. “Then let’s do it, but could you put a stop to it now? You know before you accidentally blow up my house?” a somewhat anxious Zach asked. “What do you mean, blow up…” Jasmine lost concentration and hurled her magic forward, which only just missed Zach, but struck his shield. Hitting the shield’s centremost point, caused the ball of magic to disperse and shoot out in all different directions. Zach’s heart rate accelerated to six hundred beats a minute, as he gave in to the Blood Rush technique, an old skill used by Watchers to unleash extra energy and strength whenever it was required. With the new energy surging through him, Zach leapt into action and moved at a far superior speed. He was able to rush in front of each dispersed elemental ball and absorbed the energy into the blade of his sword. To Jasmine, one second she could see her magic about to destroy Zach’s living room. And the next second, the magic was gone completely, Zach’s living room was still intact and Zach appeared in view. Stood on his own doorstep, as he slashed skyward, sending the magic upward. He walked back into the room and noticed Jasmine clutching his shield in her hands. “Before you say anything, I know I could have destroyed your house, but look…” She began to say in an apologising manner, as she stepped toward Zach and shoved the shield in his face. “…your shield is perfectly intact. My spell didn’t even faze it.” Zach stared straight at his creation, Jasmine was right. Her dual elemental attack did not even damage the wood, or the iron. Given as how powerful Jasmine was, there was no way his shield should have survived, but it did. “Will you look at that?” he said admiringly. “As far as tests go, I’d have to say you using your powers is as good as a test one could give a shield. You’re off the hook, Jasmine,” Zach remarked. He moved to put the shield away and turned back to face his female visitor. “So how are your exams going?” she inquired, steering the discussion elsewhere. “The exams are going okay, but I do need to talk to you about something.” “What’s up?” “I dreamt about the dragon again!” “Again? This would be your fourth one!” The Priestess replied, somewhat shocked. She knew full well about Zach’s dragon dreams, as she was the only one that he confessed them too. Zach chose not to disclose such dreams with Mako, or the winged Izal, because he thought they weren’t important enough to be shared, not when his mentors had more pressing matters to be dealt with. Plus with Jasmine being a Priestess from Indiania, she knew quite a lot about dragons, what with being brought up with two. “So what happened this time?” Jasmine asked.  “Some soldiers got roasted alive. An old building of worship had its roof caved in and two walls smashed and a number of stalls were destroyed,” Zach divulged, recalling various details from his latest dream. “So it was a different dream then?” “Yeah,” Zach replied. “And the setting?” she questioned, as she took a seat at the table.

“Same town and island as before and same dragon. But none of this felt like a dream—it felt real. They all feel so real.” “Then I think it is time you spoke to Mako and Izal about this,” she urged. “What?” “You should tell them because what if you’re not dreaming? You possess a number of psychic abilities, one of which is visions. What if your dreams are not dreams but visions? Visions of events that are actually happening and the people you see are actually people getting killed!” Zach knew in his heart that Jasmine’s concerns rang true and he should act accordingly. “You’re right and I will tell them, but not yet. I’ll do it after I have finished all of my exams. It’s only a few more days now.” “It’s your call. Besides, we’d best hurry. Your first exam of the day is due.”

Pic 17 - Chapter 9.JPG

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