Rochford Direct – December Delays (20/12/15)

With technical difficulties creeping up, my next Rochford Direct is delayed for a couple of days but don’t worry It is on its way and bringing with it will be plenty of talk about my latest work The Eye of Mares, along with chatter regarding Project 9, an anthology by Solstice Universe, the sci-fi division of Solstice Publishing, which a story by yours truly. I’ll even be talking about the December Awethology Dark Volume, one of four anthologies by the #Awethors, which my dark festive story Seven Years Bad Luck features in.



Also coming up in the direct is the inclusion of a small trailer regarding Seven Years Bad Luck, to be accompanied by Theory of a Deadman’s “By the Way.” The purpose of which is part of my announcement regarding Scars & Souvenirs, my latest and most current work in progress, a collection of emotional thrillers, which also features Seven Years Bad Luck aanatomynd Ghosts. I will also be talking about the ongoing Blog tour and continuous story of The Eye of Mares and of course I will be sharing my thoughts on Anatomy of a Darkened Heart by the ever brilliant Christie Stratos.



I’ll even be sharing a couple of photos taken from my recent trip to Gibraltar and you never know, there might even be something else getting revealed, but the only way to find out what, is to see it for yourself, which I now intend to have out by the 20th of December, 2015.


Thank you for your patience.




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