Rochford Direct – 29.02.16 (The Big February Direct) – Welcome to the Panic Room

No matter our intentions, the things we really want to do or the promises we make, things never go our way, for something will always crop up and our promises are broken, just like my camera.


I had intended to release another video Rochford Direct this month but it seems my good old camera has other ideas, so with recording unavailable, I’m just going to have to settle for doing a typed one instead, so with that in mind, my name is Rocky Rochford and this is my Rochford Direct – 29.02.16


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and right now I’m working more hours than what’s normal for me, sure its eating up a lot of my time, but THIS is important, so today I am going to be talking about three of my works, Scars & Souvenirs (all the latest news), Say Goodbye (a sneaky reveal), and The Devil Before (my newest release). Who knows? There might even be enough time to announce my current line-up, complete with estimated schedule for this year and the next, so let’s dive in shall we?




The Work you Know – Scars & Souvenirs:


First up, Scars & Souvenirs. Since speaking about it during my last Rochford Direct in December, I have yet to finish the work as previously planned, due to story changes and cuts. The more I work on it, the more of a certain raw emotional feel the Collection takes on and as much as I would like them to, some stories just don’t belong in it and so they’ve had to be taken out so more befitting works could go in. So although the work is not yet contracted, let alone finished, Scars & Souvenirs is still ongoing and I am hoping to have it finished by April.


Now I don’t have any chapter extracts I would like to share, but what I do have are two full stories that I can share. Much like my Seven Years Bad Luck story I shared last year, these two new ones, Ghosts and Say You’ll Haunt Me, are done in the same style and format and you can catch both right here, right now:




Say You’ll Haunt Me:

The Work you Don’t – Say Goodbye:


Next up for discussion is Say Goodbye – a story of Death & those we leave Behind, another work amongst a tower of ongoing projects, in which tells the story of a single human protagonist and his new best friend, the Grim Reaper. In the opening chapter of Say Goodbye, Jake Manning begins with a narrative about himself and how “today” is the day he died and in Chapter 2, he does just that dies, before his life could every really begin, but with the personification of Death, by his side, his afterlife is going to be a lively one.


Jake lived his entire living never being honest, never letting his feelings out, but all of that is about to change because before he can even begin his life after death, he gets one last chance to Say Goodbye to the ones who held him dearest in their hearts, but before he can even do that, he’s got to do the one thing he’s always refused to do, be honest.


As an exclusive Spoiler for the Direct, you can catch two Chapters for Say Goodbye right here:



Chapter 3:



Jake didn’t know what to make of what he was feeling, stood amongst the audience grouped around his body. It was an odd sensation to gaze upon your own lifeless form and yet he wasn’t that freaked out.

If anything, it was the most normal thing to him and for the first time in his existence, he felt happy. He lived his life doing the right thing. He died doing the right thing and that made him feel happy.

It made him feel far more alive than his life ever did but that was just the first thing he would feel in death, more was on its way.

Silent footsteps draw near him and when stood directly behind him, a hand placed itself upon his shoulder.

Hello Jake.” A voice called out, a whispery voice void of all emotion.

Startled, Jake spun round and looked to the one who addressed him. Stood before him, at a height over seven feet, was a figure in a black robe.

A figure with a skull for a face and a bony hand that gripped the handle of his scythe. This was no mere being, but a Grim Reaper.


“You, you, you’re…” Jake stammered, unable to finish.

I am the personification of Death you associate with most.

Jake shuffled backwards.

“You’re here for me aren’t you?”


Jake’s eyes drifted to his body and he bowed his head. Looking back to the reaper, he stepped forward.

“Lead the way, you’ll get no resistance from me.”

Death waved his scythe and the two watched the world crumble around them. The light of day was swapped out for perpetual darkness.

“You are an interesting one. Jake Manning. Born January 1st 1996. Died   April 26th 2016. Depressed since the age of eight, and despite the hand you were dealt, you always stuck to your values. I get a lot of people like you. The world is full of damaged souls.”

Jake could feel himself growing impatient, this may have been the first time he has died that he knows of, but he knew this wasn’t how he would spend eternity.

Alone in a dark dimension with Death.

There is more to death than just this. He told himself.

You’re right. I don’t need to tell you about your life, or your death. You’re fully aware of both. We can do this your way, skip all the small talk and get down to business instead.

Death’s pin-prick eyes of the purist light dazzled as he waved his scythe once more. A boy a few years younger than Jake appeared.

I trust I won’t have to introduce you two.

Before Jake could react, let alone say anything, the reaper   was gone, but the fifteen year was still there.

Dressed in blood stained clothes and a throat completely opened, Jake was staring in the dead eyes of his friend.


Chapter 4:



“Hello Jake,” Ben croaked. “You got old.”

“I resent that. I got older, not old.” Jake joked back. Bloodied or not, he wasn’t going to let that from running over to his boyish looking friend and giving him a hug.

He didn’t mind he was butting necks with his friend, butting his neck with that of a sliced open one. He was overjoyed by the present Death had given him.

The chance to see an old friend.

“Besides, I may look older, but at least I don’t look like shit.” Jake chuckled. He refused to relinquish his grip on his friend.

“Have you seen yourself in the mirror? You look like you went two rounds with Tyson.” Ben shot back.

“Hey, it’s three rounds and I look awesome for it. Besides, the girls dig a guy with a scar or two!”

Jake’s words were enough to end the embrace. Ben pushed himself free. “The girls? What girls? If you’re here Jake, it means you’re like me, dead.” Ben feel silent and Jake was dis-heartened.

“I don’t regret what I did Jake, I needed to die. My death set me free, but why are you here Jake? Why here? Why now? You could have had the world at your feet!”

Jake couldn’t understand why his friend was turning on him. “You think I asked for this?”

“I know you have. You’ve been praying for death every time you close your eyes to go to sleep. That’s who you are Jake, the boy who wishes he was dead. Well congratulations, you got your wish!” Ben spat.

“I got hit by a car you arsehole!” Jake hissed.

“You mean you threw yourself in front of one!”

“No, I mean hit. There was a young girl in the road and I saved her. I Saved Her!” Jake roared. “It could have been her standing here. Her life snuffed out before it could ever truly begin!”

“The same could be said about you.” Ben replied.

“I did the right thing. Don’t you dare take that away from me!”

“The right thing for who? Her? You? What about your family? You were reckless. You weren’t thinking of anyone but yourself when you ‘saved’ that girl and you know I’m right!”

Jake didn’t want to say anything, he felt like he was getting hit by the car all over again. Here he was reunited with his friend, someone he thought he would never see again and now that he was here, all they were doing was fighting.

“Why are we doing this Ben? Can’t we just be happy to be seeing one another again? Do we have to fight?”

“I’m afraid we do Jake. We already did the happy bit when we hugged, but all there is left now is me making you feel as shit as you do inside. That’s what happens here. It’s the process!” Ben’s voice was as soft as it could be, but the symphony didn’t feel as real as it should have been.

“Is that so?”

“Yes.” Ben’s eyes hardened as Death appeared in the background, virtually invisible and ready to watch the forthcoming action.

“I hope you’re ready Jake, because this is the part where you face your inner-most fear, admitting the truths you refuse to speak.



The Work that’s Out Now – The Devil Before:




Moving away from what is to come, it’s time for what is already here! In January 2015, I released the short story The Devil You Know, an introductory tale to a much larger work I have planned for 2020. The Devil You Know is the tale of a conman who just wanted a drink, but in walked the Devil, who just wanted his soul. The conversation that followed would be one the conman would never forget after all its not every day you get asked if you want to be the next ruler of Hell. Now although the events of what comes next is halted for now, October 2015 saw a return to the world of the Devil.


The Devil You Know



Appearing in an anthology by Solstice Shadows, named Now Lay Me Down To Sleep Vol II, was The Devil Before, a prequel tale to The Devil You Know, a paranormal thriller, which not only is a retelling of the classic Legend of Stingy Jack Halloween tale, but also acts as a brief introduction to the Devil we “know” and an insight into just who really lurks beneath the horns.


Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Volume II



Both Devil tales weave an intricate tale of right and wrong and the importance of choice and you can find the details for both right here:




The Devil You Know:


Meet a conman who always carefully chooses his marks. Then one day he discovers that he’s been someone else’s mark, and not just for a little while, but his whole life. Think you know the Devil? You don’t know Jack.


He just wanted a drink. The Devil just wanted his soul.

Universal Buy link:


The Devil Before:


After a lifetime of trickery and deception, Stingy Jack is about to get his comeuppance. With his death guaranteed and a mysterious stranger eager to meet him, there’s still time for one last trick and the ultimate consequence. Not every Devil is created by being cast out of heaven. Some are made by the choices they made in life.


When you play a trick on the Devil, the Devil plays one on you.

Universal Buy link:

 The Devil Before


The Year in Review: (2016 Work Schedule)



  • Finish & Contract Scars & Souvenirs (Thriller Anthology)
  • Finish & Contract Sick Like Me (Thriller)
  • Continue work on the 3rd installment of the Rise of the Elohim Chronicles (YA Illustrated Fantasy)




  • Finish & Contract Say Goodbye (Suspenseful Thriller)
  • Finish & Contract the 3rd installment of the Rise of the Elohim Chronicles


Autumn & December:


  • Release Scars & Souvenirs (Around Halloween)
  • Release Sick Like Me (Around Halloween)
  • Resume work on Dead Memories (Dark Romance)
  • Resume work on London Falling, sequel to London Calling (Espionage Thriller)


  • Release Say Goodbye (November)
  • Release 3rd installment of the Rise of the Elohim Chronicles (December)
  • Continue work on London Falling
  • Continue work on Dead Memories



The Year in Review: (2017 Work Schedule)

Winter 2017:


  • Finish & Contract Dead Memories
  • Finish & Contract London Falling


Spring 2017:


  • Release London Falling (April)
  • Release Dead Memories (May)
  • Commence work on 4th installment of Rise of the Elohim Chronicles (YA Illustrated Fantasy)


Summer 2017:


  • Continue work on 4th installment of Rise of the Elohim Chronicles (YA Illustrated Fantasy)
  • Commence complete re-write for re-release of Phoenix Rises, sequel to London Falling (Espionage Thriller)


Autumn & December:


  • Finish & Contract 4th installment of the Rise of the Elohim Chronicles
  • Finish & Contract Phoenix Rises
  • Release 4th installment of the Rise of the Elohim Chronicles (November)
  • Release Phoenix Rises (December)



And with all that, it’s time to conclude the Rochford Direct. Thank you for reading and may I be able to adhere to my strict schedule.


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