The Light and Shadow Chronicles symbol no. 1 – Children of Light

With Chaos just around the corner, author DM Cain explains the Symbols shown on the shield from the first book. You can find all the details on the first symbol here:

Immersive fantasy fiction

Chronicle of Chaos 34 final file resized title and shield changed DPI flatThe cover for my newest novelA Chronicle of Chaosfeatures a shield with eight symbols carved upon it. Each of the symbols represents a different army, faction or group of people within the series. Over the next eight days, to complement the release countdown, I will be posting about each of the symbols to give some background on the armies you can expect to learn about in Chaos and the upcoming novels in the series.

The first symbol I will be talking about can be seen on the right of the shield:

Repaired shield CofL.jpg

This is the sigil of the Children of Light-one of the two main warring armies in the series. The Children of Light are led by immortal warrior queen Callista Nienna. Callista is the matriarch of her family, leader of her armies and the ruler of the entire nation of Alcherys (the country where the Children of Light…

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