Scars & Souvenirs Contracted! A Work In Progress Announcement

I have been too quiet for too long, so first up on the Agenda, SCARS & SOUVENIRS, my emotional thriller collection is finished and contracted so you can expect to hear more about that soon. So as that begins the publishing process, I’m ready to announce my other work I am deeply devoted to, A Work In Progress. A Work In Progress is a narrative driven memoir of fictitious author Sam Snider. When all your dreams are in reach only to have the whole world crumble beneath your feet, you need to learn to move on and Snider has his own way of moving on.


But instead of just announcing this work, below you can find character bios and “sketches” of the cast of my current WIP:


Samuel “Sam” Snider aka S.S. Synder: Main Protagonist and only male role. He is the narrator in the story about his life. Former author and now Art dealer. 24 Years old.


Gabby Logan Snider: Sam’s Sister and professional artist. She supplies the paintings and her brother sells them. Complete Wild Child. 21 Years old.


Taylor Madden: Aspiring actress and Model. Gabby’s best friend and the bane of Sam’s existence. She does what she can to get under Sam’s skin as much as possible. 22 Years old.


Rosy: Sam’s main love interest and professional prostitute. He used to see her for “therapy sessions” but after a friendship developed, she soon stopped charging him. 22 Years old.


Miranda Parbat: Sam’s former Publicist and main reason why he became a hit as an author. It’s been a few years since they parted ways, but she is keen to see him published again and she’ll use whatever means to make it happen. 29 Years old.


Jessica Chang: Former partner in bed for Sam and now that the violinist is back in town, she’s keen for a repeat performance. The question isn’t can Sam refuse her, but will he? 23 Years old.



More news regarding the development of A Work In Progress will be appearing on my Facebook page first, so to keep up to date, be sure to give it a like: Rocky Rochford Facebook Page


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