Scars, Paradox and A Work In Progress!

I really should get out of the Writer’s Cave more often, one it is hot now that Summer is in full effect in my part of Spain and two, because I really should start updating my website and my blogs more often. So just what is going on?

Well taking it from the top, Scars & Souvenirs is finished, it has a cover and more importantly, it has a release (August 26th 2016.) But just what is Scars & Souvenirs? Well it is essentially a story of life, loss and regret that is told via the voice of two narrators. Originally I only intended to write this story with multiple narrators, so that Scars & Souvenirs (essentially a collection of emotional thrillers,) would have a story for everyone (10 stories in all,) but then I did that thing I usually do, and I ended up joining everything and I mean everything! 9 separate stories became events from one singular individual’s life that stretches across a 7 year span. As for the other story, although it features a different tone and a different story, the events of that story, do relate to the main protagonist’s overall tale, so even when it isn’t John’s story, it’s John’s Story. Oh and if you’re expecting to see the story run in a linear sequence of events, you may want to throw that thought out of the window, I did a Memento with book and honestly, it is the best way, because it makes it a lot harder for you to work out where the story is going to go and which emotion you’re going to be made to feel next.

scars & souvenirs-001.jpg

So who is John? John is a teenager becoming a man. Someone who has lived and someone who has lost and is just unable to be happy because he refuses to allow himself to feel that way. He is also based on John Doe, aka Johnny Noman, a protagonist I used as the narrator for my John Doe diaries, three books about an individual, much like John in Scars & Souvenirs, except I never published those books, so this is his first true outing and just like John is based on John, a few of the other characters in this work were inspired from other characters from the John Doe Diaries. But John, he is a lover, a fighter and a loner, too afraid of the light to ever leave the darkness that follows him and in case you’re wondering, this is the type of thing he comes out with:


Extract from The Devil Came to Drag Me to Hell:

“You will bleed. You will cry. You will love and you will say goodbye to all those you hold dear. Life is repulsed by shadow and you reek of it. I looking forwards to watching the show.”

His words made perfect sense.

Of course they would—they were my own.

Words I would tell myself when I was all alone.

The Devil knows all.

Especially the one that sits on your shoulder.

In the depths of your soul.

“Your wound isn’t deep and the knife didn’t hit anything vital. You will go on to live, knowing this is what you do to people. The poison that flows through your veins always finds a way to push those you hold dear away, no matter how hard you try to cling to them. You are the villain, John, and the villain is destined to fail.”

He reached out and grabbed me. His hands on my throat squeezed and then he began to drag me. The world I had left returned.

As did the sound of my heart beating.

And the air in my lungs.

My eyes opened.

I gasped.

The Devil had come to drag me to Hell, but like he said for the likes of me. There is only one kind of Hell, the life of an endless nightmare I live on a daily basis.

He dragged me back to my old life.

A life of scars.


Scars and Souvenirs will be releasing next month on August the 26th and will be available in both print and ebook, but if you can’t wait until then, you can always pick up my sci-fi short story Paradox, which is out now on Amazon and just because it’s a short story, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a huge plot. The main protagonist is one of 7 main characters in a novel I have planned, and Paradox is simply his Origin story. (Something I will be doing for each of the 7 characters.)


Below you will find a link for the work, cover art and the blurb:



When Life on Earth is over, Life on Jupiter begins, but war between man still rages on. Paradox is the story of soldier leading the final attack.


If you’re still here and hoping for news on A Work in Progress, work is still ongoing. Things aren’t looking good between Sam and Rosy and now his brother is causing him even more stress and Taylor continues to be her annoying self. I will post more about this story soon, but right now I need to keep mum on a few details, but in case this is your first time hearing about the work, this is A Work In Progress in a nutshell:

It’s the story of Sam Snider, an author who walked away from the author life when his parents died. He went off the rails, dragging his younger sister with him, until eventually he snapped out of it, but she continues to live the life. He now live a near isolated existence, he may go out into the world to deal with clients as he now acts as an agent to his artist sister to make them both money, but he has no friends, no hobbies that bring him joy and the closest thing he has to a girlfriend, is the prostitute he paid to be his therapist.


Have I more time, I would say so much more about the work and share an extract, but I have a very busy two weeks coming up, so I can only share and write what I can today, but there will be more news soon, I promise.


 Thank you for reading!


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