Day 1 of A Work in Progress – (The Blurb)

Falling into the Contemporary Fiction genre, whilst featuring a number of scenes that would also make the novel classed as a Dark Romance and Mild Erotica, A Work in Progress is a true labour of love.
A book I have been building towards quite a bit in my recent years and now it is almost ready to share with the world and while I won’t be flat-out spilling every detail going about it this week, I will be revealing something new about the book every day, so be sure to keep an eye out for that, but for today, let’s settle for the blurb!
A Work in Progress: The Life of a Disgraced Author
Snider was on the way to having it all—family, success and a movie deal. Then he’s parents died and he was never the same again. Fast forward a few years and Snider is a man who takes pride in punishing himself, forcing himself to live in squalor, as his sister lives it up in a luxurious apartment and enjoys the London night life.
With no drive and no ambition to take himself out of the rut he resides in, things are soon to change as the disgraced author will be forced to do things he swore never to do, whilst landing himself in some of craziest antics that are both comical and highly sexual.

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