Day 2 of A Work in Progress – Influence and Inspiration

Yesterday I mentioned A Work in Progress is a work of love. A labour of love, but it is a labour of music as well and today I want to talk about it’s inspiration and influence.
You see A Work in Progress is a work that was never meant to be a full on novel. It wasn’t even meant to be a novella as I only planned for it to be 10 pages long and yet, the story that was once a nightmare, which occasionally stirred me from sleep on nights when “What If?” would occupy my every wakened thought, went on to become a full length novel and music is to thank for that.
Every time I write, I do so with music filling my ear drums, as part of an effort to stir emotions to create a scene and with A Work in Progress, the music did not stop creating. Sure there where certain things I wanted to happen, but the rest of the time music wrote the novel ans now I’m going to list a couple of songs in particular:
-Blue Oyster Cult’s poem scripted Burning for You inspired the Poem Love is.
-Nickleback’s S.E.X. is what created the erotic scene between Snider and Danni.
-Nickleback’s Just to Get High helped fill out Snider’s back story.
-Theory of a Deadman’s Angel played a part in forming Snider’s and Rosy’s relationship and story.
-The Beatle’s Mrs Robinson inspired two characters for the book and the relationship Snider has with both of them (Minerva and Miranda.)
-Papa Roach’s Forever is a song that helped me decide on how I should define Snider’s current character.
-Slipknots’ Dead Memories is another song that shaped Snider in the way he can’t get over his parent’s death.
-Royal Republic’s Gun Tommy is the delightfully yet crazy tune that made me decided upon Taylor’s personality.
-Nickleback’s Hole in the Head is the song that made me decide upon the relationship Snider should have with his brother.
-Don Broco’s Whole Truth and You Wanna Know are the songs that made me make Snider be the straight talking Lothario that he is.
-Papa Roach’s Be Free and Linkin Park’s What I’ve Done also influenced Snider’s past life shenanigans, including the inspiration for the scene that made him met Rosy in the first place.
-Papa Roach’s Broken As Me is a song that also assisted with the relationship dynamic Snider has with both Rosy and his sister Gabby.
So as you can see above, quite a few songs really did help shape the novel and these are just the beginning. And because I enjoyed doing this list, I might just have to do it again!

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