Right out of #Rochford

Readers most direct way of getting all of the latest news regarding my projects.

1October 20th:

Right out of #Rochford, My Project X, a collection of emotional Thrillers and Horrors has a name and that name is this: THE BOOK OF ROCHFORD

Below is a list of all the current tales to make an appearance:

Ghosts (Finished)

The Devil Came to Take me to Hell

Dream a Little Dream of Me

Let it All Slip Away (Finished)


The Death of Me

Seven Years Bad Luck

The Imitation Game (aka Method – Sebastian Basildon)

Say You’ll Haunt Me (Finished)

Waiting to Die

I can’t wait to continue it.

August 21st, 2015:Lewis Prelude

#Right out of #Rochford, the Ebook version of London Calling is out now! myBook.to/LondonCalling

August 19th, 2015:

#Right out of #Rochford, tomorrow is Film Day, where me and my equipment will be out on the field to shoot my London Calling Trailer, give Jack some camera times as there will be a short Don’t Turn Around Trilogy piece and I will be shooting the Awethors 6/20 intro piece and be doing my own 6/20 piece.

August 16th, 2015:

Right out of #Rochford, Don’t Even Blink keeps going to places I didn’t even expect. Right now, it’s getting racy, as good old Jack has found himself an all to eager to please, killer groupie.

Anything happens in the World of Rochford

August 15th, 2015:

Right out of #Rochford, talking to Ashleigh Longman about doing a Poster for the Rise of The Elohim Chronicles. Something to commiserate the first two books and short and include Book 3 & 4 characters.

Me: “It should only take you what, 40 hours to do it on A4?”
Her: Instant death stare.

#AlwaysAPleasure #NeverAChore

August 13th, 2015:London Calling

#Right out of #Rochford, London Calling, the spy novel adventure of the Summer, releases 21st of August, 2015. Will be available in both print and ebook.

August 12th, 2015:The Devil You Know

Right out of #Rochford, The Devil You Know, will not only be getting a sequel novel, entitled The Devil You Don’t, but will also have a prequel short story, in the form of The Devil Before.

You heard it here first.

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